Travel Around the World Vol. 2

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Hello, you all! This post you might remember I did one before, like a while ago. I wanted to recreate it? Because you all know how each year/even each month you find out about new books. And I got some more to even make a new rec list around the world. 

Want to travel around the world and not pay thousands of $$$$? Pick one of these books and you'll be transported there. This is a TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD list, with book set in countries all around the world. I left out USA because many books are set there and I'm kind of tired of seeing that, and you might be tired too. So I decided to create this! I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Note: I included Hawaii/Alaska, though I know they are part of the US
Note #1: Thank you to all who helped and who RTed my tweet and more people came and @ me their options.
Note #2: In the list you will see various changes in the fonts, this is why:

Italics: Young Adult
Red color font: Middle Grade
Pink color font: Romance
[*]: Have not yet released

(You can click the picture and see it better)
/ ASIA /

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  1. Yep, I definitely needed this post in my life. I may not be going anywhere this summer but that doesn't mean I won't be travelling. I'll get me a few of these books and be going away in no time. I can't wait!