Romance Reads 101: Where to start?

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Hello, voyagers. Welcome, welcome to a new blog post by myself, Sil. You all know, if you follow me on the Twitter or look from time to time my blog, you'll see that I love love LOVE romance books. Especially New Adult and Adult to be honest. These past months I've read more romance books and they just make me happy. I know they have a HEA so I don't worry about it, not until the angst starts to appear and I seriously begin to doubt the book, but every romance book has a HEA so you all!!! If you encounter one that doesn't, it's not a romance read, just saying. 

But yeah. They are always fun and you can expect many levels of angst and steamy situations. Sometimes there might not be steamy situations and it can be vary tame and simple, which it's fine for me too. I just love a good ship and supporting them until the end. It's that simple lmao. I get so invested I swear to you all. I'm like the mom at her kid's soccer game or something, cheering them all with all I got. 

I wanted to write this post because maybe someone want to start reading them and they don't know WHERE to start. They don't know which book to pick up and feel like "yes this is what I want in romance books." But to be honest, with every book you read next, you'll find out your likes and your tropes more and more. Like for myself my kind of tropes, that I definitely enjoy are:

  • Age gap between the characters, my ultimate kink
  • Hate to love //
  • Enemies to lovers, good old rivalry is my favorite thing in the world
  • Dogs in books, especially if the hero has one (I accept any type of animal tbh)
  • Any retelling of Jane Austen in modern times
  • Mexican/Latinx characters having their HEAs
  • but also really racially diverse MCs in romance novels makes my day
  • Puppy love interest will support MC /always/
  • Best friends to lovers
  • Foodie romances, any type of job in the food industry I AM IN.
  • Also fashion jobs in romance novels / or supermodel MCs
  • Nerdy MCs ~

And yeah, in time, you will find what you like and what appeals to you. Mainly I choose books that fit with one of these. This is what I am looking for when I read a blurb from a romance novel. Think about what you will want to find inside the book and I'm sure there is some book out there that will be right for you. You can also always try and see if you enjoy a book and then figure it out. 

So now this is the portion of the post with the recommendation LOL. I will be putting some books that I think that are great starters-to-the-genre kinda books. That I think that might make you love this genre and never let go (like me). 

♡ a hundred thousand words by nyrae dawn
♡ hold me by courtney milan
♡ love on my mind by tracey livesay
♡ luck on the line by zoraida córdova
♡ to have and to hold by lauren layne
♡ fast connection by megan erickson, santino hassell
♡ keeping the distance by clarisse david
♡ make it count by megan erickson
♡ haven by rebekah weatherspoon *bdsm
♡ an extraordinary union by alyssa cole
♡ better at weddings than you by mina v. esguerra
♡ pretty face by lucy parker
♡ amour amour by krista and becca ritchie
♡ the paths we choose by m. hollis
♡ black rainbow by j.j. mcavoy

These are my favorite romances, some of them at least. I've reread and reread them so many times, some of them more than the others. They just always make me happy and make me go back in the romance mood.

Some authors you should always follow + their work is beautiful and highly recommend them {in no particular order}:

  • Alisha Rai
  • Courtney Milan
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon
  • Six de los Reyes
  • Mina Esguerra
  • Megan Erickson
  • Alyssa Cole
If you find yourself in front of one of their books, you just got to get it. No one like them. I always get their books and I just know they will ALWAYS be good. 

I hope this semi-guide or whatever lol helps you find something to read and you love it and you feel happy after finishing it.

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