Hi, I'm Sil! 20. México. she/her pronouns. I am the owner of The Book Voyagers. I also blog and review books! Mainly I focus on diverse books written by marginalized authors, I tried to always recommend their books first. 

I started this blog like two years ago (or even more, I can't remember omg). I used to review for this blog, Hopeless Book Lover, owned by my friend Giselle. I decided to create my own blog, with Mana as my co-owner and blogger, months later because it seemed like such a fun thing to do! Plus I was always interested by the book community and when I was blogging on the other site, I wasn't really into the book community like I am right now. 

You might know me more from my twitter account: @thebookvoyagers. I'm there more than I am here *lmao* You can also catch me on this cool account I made a while ago: @diversaesthetic, contributing with Ava. We make aesthetics for diverse books and focus mainly on them. We realized that many of these book aesthetic accounts were only promoting and posting aesthetics for books that didn't have characters of color and if they did, they didn't make aesthetics for them. So we thought LET'S DO IT! And we did and I am glad we have had a very good response all around. 

You can also find me here