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Hi, voyagers! Sil here ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ And I'm here to share with you another recommendation list (hah!) but this one is slightly a bit different, mainly because there is no book talk today. This list is about Korean dramas aka kdramas. This is because recently I've been watching lots and I've been welcomed back with open arms. There are some serious amazing dramas right now releasing that everyone needs to know.

Korean dramas are really intense and most of the time (always tbh) the actors are super hot!! And you might find some storylines that are probably amazing and some that are not so great but really fun to watch. There's always something for someone. I hope you find something you will like to watch and give it a shot if you have never watched a drama before.

*In no particular order

  • It's Okay That's Love

Jang Jae-Yeol is a mystery writer and a radio DJ. He has OCD. Ji Hae-Soo is going through her first year fellowship in psychiatry at a University Hospital. They meet in a talk show and basically hate each other from first sight. But they soon find out they have to live as roommates!! 

*trigger warnings: so Ji Hae-Soo works as a psychiatrist - she works with patients with mental illnesses, there's a lot of that + suicide conversations 
*also has pretty amazing OST!

  • The Heirs

If you liked Gossip Girl → you'll love The Heirs. The lives of rich heirs, experiencing love, rivalries and friendships. Although Cha Eun-Sang comes from a poor background, she goes to the same school as them and gets the attention of the two top Boys, Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do! I love the fashion in this show so much + the shippy feelings you get with some characters is amazing. 

  • My Love From Another Star

This show is one of the greatest I've seen. It's already a classic tbh you have to watch it! It's basically a hottie alien comes to Earth and has lived there for some (many!) years. He meets one of the top celebrities in the modern era (who also happens to be his student) and chaos begins! Cheon Song-Yi is one of my favorite female characters; she's so funny you won't be able to stop laughing by all the secondhand embarrassment.

  • Oh My Ghost

I just finished watching this a few days ago. And let me tell you all that it has: a ghost, a timid girl who gets to see these ghosts, a celebrity chef who loves himself so much, a murder investigation and lots of foodie goods. 

  • Oh My Venus

This drama definitely went up my favorites list. It is also really HOT??! It was a big surprise for me because I remembered some dramas only had one kiss (!!) but the new released ones have lots of sexy scenes that you'll enjoy. Oh My Venus is about a lawyer who wants to be healthy so she asks for the help of a famous Hollywood trainer she meets by chance. 

  • Cheese In The Trap

Adapted from a webtoon, Chesee in the Trap is about two college students and all their friends. Hong-Seol sees that everyone likes Yoo Jung; he's nice, handsome and really smart. But only she realizes that sometimes he has a dark-ish side. 

  • She Was Pretty

If you want to find out how fashion magazines work, this is the perfect show for you! Enter the fashion world + the edition part, She Was Pretty is about two childhood friends that reunite. He's one of the editors in the magazine and she's an intern. He doesn't know she's the girl he has been in love for years. 

  • My Lovable Girl

I'm only going to recommend this one because all the faves appear: Rain, Krystal and L!!! Watch it for them. The drama is about a guy who loses his girlfriend in an accident. He is the president of an entertainment company. Years later, he meets the younger sister of his late girlfriend and they fall in love. 

  • Surplus Princess

Mermaid meets human. If you like The Little Mermaid you'll love this one. Plus it's a bit more modern and super funny. A mermaid wants to become human because she fell in love with him. She finds out after becoming a human, she has to find her true love in the next 100 days or else she'll turn to bubbles. 

  • Dream High

It takes place in an art school that helps kids become famous in singing and dancing. It's the story of three underdogs and how they'll achieve stardom and finding their true selves inside. 

  • Shut Up Flower Boy Band

This show is about a high school band wanting to be famous. It has an amazing OST and pretty eye candy ლ(╹◡╹ლ) *whispers* Watch it for L and Sung Joon.

Dramas I haven't watched but want to:
  1. The Descendants of the Sun [this is my next one!]
  2. Doctor Stranger
  3. Love Me If You Dare [Chinese drama]
  4. Healer
  5. The Masters Sun

Which one do you find most appealing? Tell me in the comments! And if you know of some that I haven't written but you think they're the best thing in the world, tell me as well so I can search for it (▰˘◡˘▰) 

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  1. So I've only seen The Heirs and Oh My Venus! Though I've seen the first episode of It's Okay, It's Love and I really liked it! I'm familiar with My Love From Another Star because my sisters love it but I haven't watched it yet. OMG SIL YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN!!!!

    1. I love those two so very much!! It's Okay, That's Love is oh my god really good, you need to watch it ASAP. My Love From Another Star is epic and fun and you just have such a good time!!!