Monthly Book Haul #2! + March Wrap-Up

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Hey, guys. Silvana here again coming back to show you what sort of bookish stuff I got this month + other stuff! This month I got three books I bought, one I already read and the other two have been in TBR for a while. I'm pretty excited to get to read them soon (hopefully sooner rather than later!).

#1 THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US by Emily Skrutskie

I got the honor to read an ARC of this book back in January. In fact, this one was my first 2016 read and let me tell you IT'S SO GOOD. 2016 started off with a good book.

Emily Skrutskie built a diverse story with scary monster battles, a pirate queen, a monster trainer and a ship *wink* that you will root for until the very end!

#2 SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sara Raasch

I've heard great stuff about Snow Like Ashes and when I went to the bookstore with Maf from @Bookwormwanders, I was between two books but ended up choosing this one. I'm always down and ready for a new fantasy world to get into. And I'm definitely ready for this one!

#3 CAM GIRL by Leah Raeder

SURPRISE SURPRISE! I just got this yesterday. I was waiiiiiiting all month for it and got so happy when I got the email that it had been shipped. I'm like so excited for this book especially because the MC is Latina??? YAAAAS. My heart is already in love. And also I'm pretty intrigued by the cam girl job and it's actually really interesting to know about. 

Hit me with the feels soon please.

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