#GirlsConqueringBooks EVENT: Intro

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Valentine's Day is just so close! (▰˘◡˘▰) Hearts, love, cuteness overload -we at The Book Voyagers came up with an event that it's basically a week to share the love for books that have strong female friendships and also strong female relationships. This idea came because Mana and I realized that there's too many books that embrace the plotline of girl vs girl. Or even worse, slutshaming. Which we girls shouldn't be represented by that in books because it's awful and disgusting. Why compete in something when girls can be perfectly good friends and allies in good and bad? 

We were tired of seeing this same pattern over and over, so the #GirlsConqueringBooks event is about girl power and friendships and love. We hope you enjoy all the posts and guests we have planned for it and share the love!!!! 


Monday, February 8th

Tuesday, February 9th

Wednesday, February 10th

Thursday, February 11th
Guest: Dahlia Adler

Friday, February 12th
Book recommendations from guest authors + more authors

Saturday, February 13th
Live chat using the #GirlsConqueringBooks tag /or #GCBChat at 7 pm ET

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  1. OHHH MY GOODNESS this just yes I need this in my life. Will be looking forward to the posts and joining the Twitter chat definitely!

    1. WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU THINK SO!! thank you so much, cant wait for you to join us :)

    2. PLUS if you want in as well dont hesitate to dm or email us :")

  2. I sure will look for these posts! This is amazing! Hope I can make it for the Twitter live chat!
    Also, I discovered this blog and I LOVE it :D

    1. We hope so too! We're really excited and nervous (because first chat!) YAYYY we're so happy you did! *hugz*