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Hello, Voyagers!!!! How's everyone doing in this fiiiiine day? I hope good and ready for some fun time with this day's guest, Dahlia Adler! She is the author of several favorite books, such as: Behind the Scenes, Under the Lights and Just Visiting. We also really like her NA books: She has released Last Will and Testament, and her next one is coming out on March 15th *cough* steamy!

But today we're going to talk about friendships and girls and the perfect mix for what makes a good friendship between girls work. We love Dahlia and she is definitely the Queen of Book Recs. We'll leave her blog link down below so you'll check all the amazing recommendations she makes.

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The Book Voyagers: Why is it important to show healthy relationships (and friendships) between girls?

Dahlia Adler: My friendships with girls have gotten me through some of the hardest times and also helped me enjoy some of the best. It makes me really sad to see depictions of girls in constant competition, or of friendships that completely dissolve once a guy comes in to the picture. I think it's so important to show the ways girls can be there for each other and support each other and understand each other. And of course I think it's important to show romantic relationships between them too, because those are real and valid and don't appear in media nearly enough, especially with happy endings.

TBV: Victoria and Reagan's friendship is so special. They have this bond that clearly no one can break and we smile to see them conquer the world step by step. When you wrote them - their friendship -, what was the most important thing you wanted to show to the readers? 

DA: The number one thing I had in mind when I wrote them was that I wanted them to be real friends - not frenemies. I wanted them to genuinely want the best for each other, even when they weren't getting along. Because that depth of love and support is what matters, and it doesn't go away just because you clash every now and again.

TBV: And if there was a crossover between Behind the Scenes (Ally and Van) and Just Visiting (Victoria and Reagan) what do you think they would do together as a group in Valentine's Day?

DA: Oh man, that's fun to think about! I think Victoria and Van would absolutely drag the other two shopping, and Ally and Van would ensure Pinkberry was part of that. Reagan would probably groan about it and text Dev the entire time. Then, assuming they were in Ally and Van's neck of the woods, they'd definitely meet up with Bri at the beach. If they were in Charytan, Kansas, though... they'd end it at Joe's Diner. They'd have to.

TBV: It's Valentine's Day and Vanessa and Brianna are hanging out. Suddenly they take out presents for each other. What would you say there is inside of them? What would Van give Brianna and Brianna give Van?

DA: Bri loves T-Shirts with rock bands on them, especially 90s-era, so Van would get her a badass Hole T-shirt. And Bri would get Van something for her new place to make her feel more at home - I'm thinking a little fishtank, for reasons ;)

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