Backlist Revival Blog Tour + Review : ALL'S FAIR IN BLOG AND WAR by Chrissie Peria

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Title: All's Fair in Blog and War
Author: Chrissie Peria
Release date: June 2013
Genre: Romance Contemporary
Pages: 109

Five Cuevas @fivetravels 
Three guesses to where I'm going next. Starts with an M. Ends with a U. Has a lechon named after it. #travel 

Twenty-something travel blogger Five thinks she has hit the jackpot when she gets invited to glittering Macau for an all-expense-paid bloggers tour. Think majestic old churches, sparkling casinos, exhilarating bungee jumps, and the world's most unforgettable egg tarts. The trip is practically perfect, except for one little glitch. She gets assigned to be travel buddies with Jesse, the world's most infuriating photo blogger, and it's definitely war at first sight. 

Will Five let Jesse turn her dream vacation into a total nightmare? Or will falling in love be on the itinerary? 

WINNER, Best Romance in English 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards

Chrissie Peria drew me in with a romance story about travel bloggers in a all-expenses-paid vacation. It also includes a cute guy, and you know how I get when cute guys are included = I literally jumped on the opportunity to review this book. It's sweet as a cupcake and the romance is the good quality kind. A+ definitely! 

It's an #ownvoices book (support #ownvoices work!); the author is Filipino and it also has Filipino characters as MCs and it's such a great holiday/beach read, you'd finish it in an hour or a bit more - and have a good feeling after it. You would want to read everything Chrissie has written (and she has some serious heart eyes ones!)

Because I'm also obsessed with food, as I already said, this book takes places in Macau and the FOOD, GUYS. The food is mouth-watering and, like me, you would want to put your hand into the pages of this book and take all the food out. I am so!!!

If you are a blogger like me - any type tbh! You can be a book blogger, travel blogger, food bloggers - you need to read All's Fair in Blog and War. It's adorable, the writing is great, the characters are relatable and fun to know. 

When not obsessing over fictional people doing fictional things, Chrissie chases after a tiny human, a curly-haired dog, bacon, and all the sleep she has lost over the years.

An advertising copywriter in her past life, she now spends most of her time writing, cooking, and guzzling coffee. She has two dreams: to write more books and to teach her daughter to eat vegetables.

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