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Hiiii. I am here to bring you a very special review of a very special book I recently read. It's my last read book to be honest for a while (because I haven't been reading and maybe it's Sanctuary fault because it was so GOOD that it left me in a slump). Here I am, sharing my feelings about this book, enjoy!

Title: Sanctuary
Series: Beards & Bondage #2
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Release date: August 29, 2017

When she needs a sanctuary…  
Targeted by a sadistic former client, attorney Liz Lewis needs a place to lay low. When a friend offers her his family farm as a safe house, she eagerly accepts, unaware that she’ll have to share the farm with her friend’s brawny, beautiful brother, Silas McInroy.
…she invades his…  
Weary of a world that doesn’t understand him, Silas just wants to be left alone to grow the best produce upstate New York has to offer. Still, he’s not going to toss a woman out when her safety is on the line. But the only way to explain her presence on his farm is to claim that they fell in love online…and the last thing he needs is a fake relationship that threatens to become more and more real every day. 
With her world turned upside down and danger on her trail, Liz knows that this temporary refuge can’t last forever…but leaving the comfort and ease of Silas’s arms and farm to face the reality of her life may be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. 
*** WARNING: This book contains scenes of mild bondage and domination between a gorgeous lawyer and a sexy farmer who is terrible with women. And five farm dogs with varying degrees of loyalty to both the hero and heroine.***

Rebekah is simply amazing. Sanctuary, believe it or not, is better than Haven. I love both of them, but Silas and Liz's story has a big spot in my heart now. It was such a wild ride since the beginning, starting with a murder scene, no joke. Rebekah really knows how to take my attention and make me love the book from the start. 

As you all probably know I absolutely adore dogs in romance books, especially if the hero owns them. And Silas owns FIVE OF THEM in Sanctuary. From uninterested pups to want to play always pups, Rebekah wrote them all. As I said it is a simply beautiful book with a small town, fake dating romance, with two souls that need a little bit of each other. 

Silas has become my ultimate favorite and seriously I recommend everyone to pick it up for him. But also for Liz, because what I love most about Rebekah's books, and especially Haven + Sanctuary, is that Rebekah writes heroines that know in their hearts they need to figure out stuff by themselves, they don't need the hero to do anything for them and they need to heal by themselves in order to feel like they can do it? I mean the heroes are always there for the heroines but I love me some fab strong and independent heroines. Liz has PTSD because of the attempt murder on her life and she doesn't yet know how to feel about that scene, but what she does know is that some day it will come crashing down.

I already said I'm a big fan of Rebekah Weatherpoon and her books but if you do not who she is or any of her work I really hope you do pick them up. Liz is a plus size black beautiful Dom heroine, while Silas is a biracial beard-y small town mountain man? They will make your day brighter and your life fuller, no jokeee.

I hope Brooklyn and Mason gets their stories next? I just want more! This series is my new favorite and will forever be.

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