2018 Books by Authors of Color/Native Authors

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Hi, welcome to the blog! Today I bring you something I've been recollecting for a while now. I wanted it to be perfect but probably I'm still missing books. I'm mainly going through Goodreads and announcements made or by friends' recommendations, so I might found books that don't have lots of information. Still if you not see a book you know it's by an author of color or by a native author, do tell me and I'll be glad to include it! 

I just want something for people to have an easy access and for them to be easy to find as well. I'm so happy that the list is quite long, we still have a LONG way to go but there are so many books being published on 2018 that are by AOC/Native authors. So!!! I hope you all add them to your list.

Note: I'm sure there will be more books announced in the coming months even when 2018 arrives and starts, there will be announcements. If that happens, I will continue to add them to the list so expect updates!

Update: I created a Goodreads list and that list is more updated than my post right here. I thought it was an easier way for people to add the books on their TBR. (x)

2018 looks amazing. I'm *sobbing* I'm so excited for all of these amazing titles and cannot wait to get invested and emotional and sell my soul for the sequels and for more books by the authors.

** Will be adding picture books in the Middle Grade section unless it is stated otherwise. I know picture books are probably for younger kids than the Middle Grade section!

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