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Hey, lovely people! The Book Voyagers brings you a very special cover reveal today. And it's none other than Rebekah Weatherspoon's SANCTUARY, the most anticipated sequel for HAVEN in the Beards & Bondage series. It's coming soon but I've seen so many people in my Twitter account get excited about this series and what's coming next. Especially right after finishing Haven, people are just waiting for more from this world. Just like me. 

It's very special to me as well because this is my very first *exclusive* cover reveal and this feels so amazing, great, wonderful *every single adjetive that fits*? Thank you Rebekah, and truly I adore you and everything you write and everything about you and I hope one day we get to meet and hang out at The Ripped Bodice between pages of romance books and epic love stories.

We have Rebekah Weatherspoon in the blog today to share with us a little bit about what SANCTUARY holds between front cover and back cover. Maybe some secrets might escape and we might know a bit more about this lovely series. 

Hey, Party people! Okay, so the blurb for SANCTUARY is still a little sketchy. What can I say, I like to live life dangerously and last minute, but here are some stats that should help get you pumped for the next installment of the Beards & Bondage series.

What you're getting: A pseudo-witness protection, strangers to enemies to lovers, secret boyfriend who also happens to be the femdom heroine's best friend's brother, small town romance.

The Lucky Couple: Liz Lewis and Silas McInroy

Liz: A gorgeous, Black, plus-size corporate litigator (please see the amazing Precious Lee for inspiration)

If you've read HAVEN, you'll know Liz as Claudia's no nonsense best friend. If you haven't read HAVEN, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Silas: A super buff produce farmer, who understands that he has mild autism that has gone undiagnosed by a professional. Many adult POC have had to unfortunately have self-diagnose a whole range of things. (see drool worthy Jason Momoa for inspiration)

Will there be a beard and some bondage? A beard, yes. And bondage, a little bit yes. The BDSM acronym covers a wide range of ground. This story will focus more on willful submission during sexual acts between consenting adults, but someone is definitely getting tied up. (Spoiler: it's Silas)

Will there be murderrrr? Yes. There will be a murder. Murder via stiletto.

Does the hero have a dog? Yes. It wouldn't be a Beards & Bondage story if the hero didn't have a dog. Silas has five dogs. We're talking Will Graham levels of dogs. So many dogs..

Rebekah Weatherspoon is a multi award-winning romance author whose lesbian paranormal romance SOUL TO KEEP most recently won the 2016 Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBTQ Erotica. She is from Southern New Hampshire and now lives in Southern California where she tries to keep cool while she writes, as global warming has turned up the heat on some unexpected humidity in the Los Angeles area.

You can find Rebekah and her books on twitter at @rdotspoon and her website www.rebekahweatherspoon.com

SANCTUARY will be available August 29, 2017
Exclusive Amazon Pre-order: click here!

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  1. Ahhh, this is so many things I love and haven't found enough of wrapped into one: BDSM romance that isn't creepy or predatory, a fat black woman as a romantic heroine, DOGS (never enough dogs).

    Rebekah, this quote is so painfully relatable I want to read all of your books for it alone: "Okay, so the blurb for SANCTUARY is still a little sketchy. What can I say, I like to live life dangerously and last minute ..."

    Sil, congrats on your first exclusive cover reveal! It's a good one.