Bearly a Lady by Cassandra Khaw // ARC Review

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Hello, voyagers! Today I bring you a review of one of my favorite books from this 2017. I hope when you finish reading my review, you'll pick this up asap because it is awesome and you are supporting an indie author of color! That's always important. But also this book is 10/10 beautiful and it's like a sit-com of the best stuff you can ever get to read.

Title: Bearly a Lady
Author: Cassandra Khaw
Publisher: Book Smugglers Publishing
Release date: July 18, 2017

Zelda McCartney (almost) has it all: a badass superhero name, an awesome vampire roommate, and her dream job at a glossy fashion magazine (plus the clothes to prove it). The only issue in Zelda's almost-perfect life? The uncontrollable need to transform into a werebear once a month. Just when Zelda thinks things are finally turning around and she lands a hot date with Jake, her high school crush and alpha werewolf of Kensington, life gets complicated. Zelda receives an unusual work assignment from her fashionable boss: play bodyguard for devilishly charming fae nobleman Benedict (incidentally, her boss's nephew) for two weeks. Will Zelda be able to resist his charms long enough to get together with Jake? And will she want to? Because true love might have been waiting around the corner the whole time in the form of Janine, Zelda's long-time crush and colleague. What's a werebear to do?

An egalley was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Bearly a Lady was such a funny and lovely novella. It has lots of content even though it's a short story, like it has room to grow SO MUCH. I loved every second of it and you all will enjoy it when you pick it up BECAUSE OFC YOU HAVE TO PICK IT UP!! (I recommend you to do it). 

What you can find inside the lovely pages of this book:
→ Bi woman of color as MC 
→ She's also a werebear!!! 
→ Her roomie is a vampire, and they have the best relationship wow 
→ Her neighbor is a werewolf who works at a zoo and she has had a big crush on him for so long 
→ She works at Vogue and she's such a fashionista I loveeee it 
→ She also crushes on her coworker, Janine 
→ There are so many great scenarios and characters in this book 

I would like maybe a romance for Liz? She sounds so awesome. Also for Zora. AND EVERYONE REALLY? I'm so ready to see more of these characters. Also I'm ready for everyone to stan this book and this author and these characters yall. You won't regret it! 

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