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Hello, voyagers. Here today I bring you my stop in the Summer Feels blog tour. I'll tell you a bit more about this anthology in a bit and I even have a guest post by Mina Esguerra, author of many of my favorite books and she contributes in this anthology as well.

Title: Summer Feels: A #romanceclass Anthology
Edited and compiled by Kate Sebastian
Genre: Contemporary romance
Release date: April 30th, 2017
Amazon | Goodreads | Print copy [PH only]

Summer loving happens so fast, as you'll find with Summer Feels, an anthology of 23 stories of love under the summer sun by #romanceclass authors. Savor the candied thrill of firsts—first loves, first kisses, first solo vacations—and the bittersweet triumph of second chances. Tour the Philippines as the stories take you to mountain retreats and island paradises. Let the magic of the hot sun, clear blue skies, and lots of love take you on a roller coaster ride of feels. With stories ranging from sweet to sexy, there's sure to be something for any fan of romance. 

Featuring stories by: 
 Elea Andrea Almazora • Erleen Alvarez • Ella Banta • Rachelle Belaro • H. Bentham 
• Halina Cabrera • Charlie Dio • Mina V. Esguerra • Elizabeth Galit • Georgette S. Gonzales 
• Ami Granada • Irene Jurado • Catherine Lo • Arlene Manocot • Bianca Mori • Eris Peñaluna 
• Farrah F. Polestico • Kit Salazar • Miel Salva • Fay Sebastian • Kate Sebastian 
• Yeyet Soriano • Marian Tee

Now, ready for this amazing post by Mina Esguerra? I asked Mina to tell me her favorite romantic tropes and a recommendation for a book for each of them. I hope you all enjoy it and add these books in your TBR.

1. Competence Porn 
I love it in books, movies, TV, and I see traces of it in ships I’ve been into in all kinds of media. I absolutely FLAIL when the MC and LI are very good at what they do. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they meet as adversaries, I don’t care -- give me people who know what they’re doing being knowledgeable and flirty! 
Check out: An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole 

2. Hate to Love 
Maybe it’s because I miss the bantery rom-com movies, but at least I get my fill from books. I love it when it seems like they have no time for the other’s shenanigans, but end up being completely smitten anyway. 
Check out: Asking for Trouble by Tessa Bailey 

3. Fake Dating 
I’ve enjoyed this trope since I was a teen reader, because the idea was just so preposterous...but also perfect. This kind of story allowed two super different people to leap into a “dating” situation and it always seemed like a lot of fun. 
Check out: Act Like It by Lucy Parker 

4. Dating Someone Famous 
Maybe this isn’t so much of a fave trope and more of an actual fantasy--but it’s a shared one, I’m sure! I love reading books that explore what it would be like to be the “regular person” who suddenly has to deal with all that fame and scrutiny because of their relationship. 
Check out: Songs to Make You Stay by Jay E. Tria 

5. Age Gap
I never thought I’d get into this! But now I have. In the hands on skilled writers, the HEA in these stories can be so satisfying, and an MC whether the younger or older one can defy stereotypes and surprise you. 
Check out: Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun (younger man), and Pretty Face by Lucy Parker (younger woman)



  • International: Amazon gift card worth $25 
  • Philippines Only: Print books from some of the authors: 
    • My Dutch Billionaire by Marian Tee 
    • Kate, Finally by Yeyet Soriano 
    • Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers by Kate Sebastian


Mina V. Esguerra writes contemporary romance. She blogs about her writing and publishing adventures at minavesguerra.com.

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