A Small List of Diverse Romance Books

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Hello voyagers, travelers of the book world! Today I bring you another rec list because who are we kidding they are so much fun and I love making them you all know that. I have seen recently how people don't "find" good NA. I put find in "" because let's be real, they really just pick what's popular and they all are cishet white. You all want diverse romance books but you don't go searching for them, it's not easy that's for sure you might find really crappy ones but try and try again. Or really there are SO MANY lists everywhere now. I wouldn't trust Goodreads though. I'll put a resources lists with some links that great people have done that feature diverse romance books. 

Note: This will be mainly New Adult and Adult tho, just a heads up. I'm not including Young Adult. 
Note #2: Thank you to @TGStoneButch, they really are the best.  And @SueYAHollywood, Sue always helps me on everything and I thank her times a million. Thanks to @HeyChips for some recs too!
Note #3: I'm sure there are more, but I'm mainly putting books that I know are amazing (and not problematic) or books that I know friends or readers I trust have read them and loved them. So for sure there are WAAAY more diverse romance books out there and I am sorry that I didn't include them all, truly. This is just a small list that I made that I hope it helps people find a good book. 


New Adult. Filipino main characters. Setting: Philippines. Hate to love trope. 
New Adult. Filipino main characters. Setting: Philippines. Theatre world. 
New Adult. Afro-Cuban, bisexual heroine. Bisexual hero. 
New Adult. Trans, Latina heroine. Bisexual, Thai-Chinese hero. You've Got Mail trope.
New Adult. Chinese heroine. Hero with eating disorder. Fake dating.
  • INFINI by Krista and Becca Ritchie
New Adult. Jamaican-American heroine. Best friends to lovers trope. TW: Depression, eating disorder, kleptomania, abuse.
Adult. Filipino main characters. Fat heroine. Fake dating.
Adult. Filipino main characters. Single mom with twins.
Adult. Historical romance. Black heroine. Long-haired hero.
Adult. Black heroine. Friends to lovers. Small town romance.
Adult. Puerto Rican heroine. Mexican-American hero. Heroine is famous chef. Hero is a lawyer. 
Adult. Fat heroine. Bisexual hero. BDSM. Both rich; heroine is a heiress, hero is owner of hotels. Age gap. 
New Adult. Korean-American heroine. Enters a reality show ~ Project Runway-esque ~ Fake dating.
Adult. Filipino heroine. Argentinian-Filipino hero. Heroine is a baker. Hero is a videographer. Wedding. 
Adult. Black main characters. Heroine is a baker. 
  • TAMED by Rebekah Weatherspoon*
Adult. Egyptian heroine. Latinx hero. BDSM.
  • FIT by Rebekah Weatherspoon*
Adult. Chinese-American, fat heroine. Light BDSM. 
Adult. Black heroine. Autistic hero. 
Adult. Fat heroine. Latinx hero. Heroine is the daughter of a politician, but she owns a private club of pleasure.
Adult. Bisexual black heroine. Age gap. Sugar daddy. Super romantic and cute. 
New Adult. Afro-Dominican hero. Fat, Afro-Guyanese + Indo-guyanese ancestry love interest.
New Adult. Filipino main characters. Scientist heroine. Hero owns a coffee shop. 
New Adult. Apocalyptic. Black heroine. Korean love interest. 
Adult. Erotica. Bisexual, Japanese heroine. Hero is the guardian of his siblings. (Explicit  and mature sex scenes such as going to a sex club and orgies)
New Adult. Black heroine who is a law student. Fans of How To Get Away With Murder will like this one. Age gap romance.
Adult. Jewish MC. Winter camp. 
Adult. Black main characters. Professional NBA player hero.
Adult. Romance. Indie band. Filipino mc and Japanese love interest trope: friends to lovers
Filipino characters. Trope: unrequited romance with a happy ending; girl chases the boy.
Adult. Historical romance. Single mom. Black MC. Hero is a doctor.
Adult. Indian-American heroine, who is a chef. Menage. Twin brothers.
Adult. Erotica. Hades x Persephone retelling. Persephone is a WoC.
Adult. Moroccan hero. Jamaican heroine. Detective agency. Mystery + urban fantasy
New Adult. Filipino Mc. Japanese hero. Hate to love trope. Setting: Tokyo.
New Adult. Filipino-American MC. Heroine is the guardian of her siblings. TA hero.
Adult. Historical romance. Black main characters. Childhood friends.
New Adult. Filipino MC. Korean love interest. Theme: K-Pop, fandom, bullying and accountability.
New Adult. Filipino characters. Pride and Prejudice retelling. Trope: second chance romance / childhood friends
New Adult. Filipino characters. Music. Trope: unrequited romance, ended with an open note, not exactly HEA.
Adult. Vampir in futuristic Mexico. Trope: soft human love interest and feisty vampire MC.
Adult. Filipino characters. Trope: one night stand, friends with benefits.
Adult. Historical. Magic. Black male MC and Indian female MC.
Adult. Filipino characters. Scientist MC. Mental Illness rep. TW: Depression, self harm.
Adult. Filipino characters. Mystery. Trope: Childhood friends to lovers. Age gap.
Adult. Filipino characters. About a woman who's sex tape was released without her consent. Feminist. Positive psychiatrist portrayal.
New Adult. Filipino characters and mythology. Trope: unrequited romance.
Adult. Korean-Japanese characters. Mafia. Trope: childhood friends to lovers, soulmates. TW: abuse, violence, attempted rape.
Adult. Korean characters. Mafia. Trope: childhood friends to lovers, soulmates. TW: abuse, violence, attempted rape.
Adult. Indian characters. Trope: second chance romance.
Adult. Fat heroine. Single mom. Military. Fake dating.
Adult. Filipino MCs. Rock band. Squad goals. Trope: friends with benefits but falls in love. So domestic.
Adult. Historical romance. Black heroine. Interracial ship. Set in the Civil War. Spies/undercover agents.
Adult. 30yo MCs. Filipino main characters/all characters. Wedding planners.
  • HAVEN by Rebekah Weatherspoon* 
Adult. Caribbean heroine (Grenada). Bearded, mountain man hero. BDSM + Dom/sub relationship. There is also a cute dog.
Adult. Pansexual heroine. PTSD. Heroine has a tiger pet. Hero tells dad jokes.
New Adult. Jewish MC. Age gap (7 years apart). Dom/sub.
Adult. Mexican hero + Filipino heroine. 
Adult. Supermodel heroine. Indian rep. Broody workaholic hero. Hate to love. Childhood friends.
Adult. Dancing competition reality TV show. Puerto Rican heroine + bearded hero.
Adult. Latinx heroine. CEO of a tech company hero. 
Adult. Contemporary royalty. Filipino characters. Childhood friends + fake dating.
Adult. Latina heroine who is a fitness trainer. Holywood celebrity hero. 
Adult. Historical romance. Caribbean rep + Argentinian hero. Fake marriage. 


New Adult. Filipino MC. 
Adult. Setting: Portugal. Age gap.
Adult. Lesbian MC. Pink-haired tattoo artist LI. Fake dating.
New Adult. Best friends to lovers.
New Adult. Trans woman MC. Coffee shop.
Adult. Newly out lesbian mom. Falls for her daughter's teacher. 
Adult. Fantasy. Lesbian, Jewish queen MC. Female friendship. F/F, F/M romances.
New Adult. Black Cuban-American love interest. Brazilian fat MC. A+ friendships. 
New Adult. Pansexual main character. Lesbian, Filipino love interest.
Adult. Science Fiction. Biracial MC. Japanese LI. Fashion design and college. 
Adult. Cinderella retelling. Trans, black heroine MC
Adult. Trans heroine. Roller derby.
New Adult. SFF. Demisexual rep.
Adult. Matchmaker MC. Interracial romance.
  • THAW by Elyse Springer
Adult. Asexual librarian MC. Supermodel love interest.
Adult. Small town romance. Ex-rodeo queen love interest.
Adult. Black girls falling in love. ADHD + anxiety rep, positive sex worker portrayal. TW: depression, self harm.
New Adult. Vampires and sorority houses. WOC as main characters.
Poetry. Cultural indentity. 
Adult. Novella. WOC who is a werebear. Supernatural romcom. Bisexual MC.
Adult. Retelling of Rapunzel. 


New Adult. Biracial, gay main character. Bisexual love interest. Best friend's big brother trope. 
Adult. Gay main characters. Gamers meeting online.
Adult. Bisexual main characters. Meet on Grindr. Age gap.
  • HARD WIRED by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell
Adult. Unrequited crush. Video games conventions. Anxiety rep. 
Adult. Retelling of Peter Pan. Trans boy MC. Enemies to lovers.
Adult. Fantasy. Black protagonists. Forbidden romance. Political intrigue + royalty.
Adult. Rich boys in Upper East Side.
Adult. Demisexual rep. Reality show starMC 
Adult. Asexual hipster love interest. Video-store owner MC. 
New Adult. Filipino MC. Piano prodigy. Slam poetry. TW: homophobic and transphobic slurs
Adult. Trans man MC. Boss/employee romance. Age gap.
Adult. Puerto Rican MC. Age gap. Foodie romance.
Adult. Bisexual MC. TV star. Trope: summer fling might turn into more?
Adult. Lucha libre. Mexican MC. Setting: Mexico. 
Adult. Coffee shop owner bisexual MC. CEO of a robotics company love interest. 
Adult. Small town romance. Chef MC. Mechanic love interest.
Adult. Sports romance. Bi football player. Gay Clark-Kent esque MC. Soft and adorable.
Adult. Sports romance. Rival football players. Both main characters are men of color.
Adult. Foodie romance. So much angst but cuteness too!
Adult. Shifters. Space adventures. Pirates.
Adult. Novellas part of a complete set releasing on October. Punk-rock pink haired vampire. Disabled MC. PTSD.
Adult. Werewolve shifters. Apocalypic setting. Zombie werewolves. Second-chance romance.
Adult. FBI agent, art thief romance. Age gap. 
Adult. Age gap. Tattoo artist. Daddy kink.


New Adult. Afro-Latinx, pansexual and non-binary MC. Filipino hero. 
Adult. Trans M/NB romance. Billionaire romance.
New Adult. Trans MCs. Non-binary rep. Cute film nerds. Both of the main characters are POC.


New Adult. Filipino, pansexual MC. Belizean, genderqueer love interest. 


Adult. Indigenous science fiction and urban fantasy focusing on LGBT and two-spirit characters.
Adult. Historical romance. Black heroines. Interracial romances.
Adult. Authors: Kianna Alexander, Alyssa Cole, Lena Hart, Piper Huguley.


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  1. I have just bookmarked this post and will be coming back to it often to read all of these books. I own a few but I think I've only read one on the whole list! It was Sonali Dev and I've heard her name everywhere and I've become a huge fan of her work but as for the rest I've not read them and I should be ashamed. It's great having a list like this to refer back to so thank you for taking the time.