BLOG TOUR: Waiting in the Wings by Tara Frejas + Character Profiles

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Title: Waiting in the Wings
Author: Tara Frejas
Release date: February 21, 2017
Genre: Romance / NA / Contemporary

Book synopsis:
At twenty-three, theatre actress Erin Javier has yet to fall in love or kiss a boy offstage, away from the klieg lights. She is the perfect leading lady—whose heart men would fight for, win, and protect—unfortunately, only until the curtains fall and the lights go down. In real life, Erin is a certified NBSB whose heart has been hoping for a song to dance to.
But when two (two!) men enter from stage left and right, Erin is confused. Who deserves to take center stage in her heart—Mr. Theatre Royalty whose attention and displays of affection make her pulse race, or a good friend whose steady support has helped steer her to success and fulfill her dream?

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Welcome to Waiting in the Wings! The show is about to start. You don't have to wait a lot of time to see (and read) this book that will for sure captivate many hearts and make you fall in love with the main leads. 

*inserts applause.gif* Tara Frejas's new novel is about the theatre world and all its dazzling things inside of it and behind scenes and maybe.... some fun people waiting behind the curtain. We have our two leads, Erin and Ramon, who became friends in college when Ramon taught Erin to dance (sobs he knows how to dance, he is a choreographer ok?!!!) They haven't seen each other for a while and the story starts with Ramon taking this new job in the company where Erin works and /he/ knows it and he wants to see her AND HE IS SO HAPPY WHEN HE DOES. 

Ramon Figueroa *hello* meet my new book boyfriend. How can someone measure up to him now? He is one of the sweetest, most supportive heroes I have read. Literally he wants Erin to be happy and if he isn't the main part of that happiness and another guy is, he just wants to see her happy. All the hearts eyes for Ramon, you win the award for the most adorable hero ever.

Erin is also a really great main character. She grows so much and she is so optimistic and shiny and she is so bright and precious hashtag please protect her ~ When you think it's a love triangle, but actually see such an amazing love story develop in front of your eyes and Tara does an amazing job to mold that story and the characters and create pretty much one of my favorite books this year. 

It has a pretty fun group of characters that just have something to offer to this book and they all support this ship just as much as me and help the main leads succeed in life and love, how cute is that. You can expect: cooking scene where the two leads cook together (yes!), a slow dance in the moonlight and kisses in the forehead, support 1000%, theatre experience and SINGING AND SONGS AND SERENADEEES (will never get over this). Pretty much, please support Tara and preorder her book, it's so cheap right now and really it's a good choice to spend your money on.

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