Monthly Book Haul #4 + May Wrap-Up!

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Hi guys! This is Sil with this month's wrap-up post. A week ago I came back to my hometown aka Cancun to spend the summer holidays with my parents. I could only bring two books *cries* AND (!!!) I found out that same day I left Puebla some packages arrived for me. *yes* book mail!! I won't see them until August sadly and I'm pretty sure what they are and I'm so sad but that's what I got lmao.

#1 THE ART OF LAINEY by Paula Stokes + lots of beautiful swag!

Paula did a contest for her newest YA contemporary book, GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE, and I got second place!!! It was so great and fun. Paula does amazing contests so you guys should enter them always hah. I won The Art of Lainey by her and she sent me lots of swag as well. I designed for her a sticker for GATU and she sent those to me too! You can see them in the pic.

Thanks, Paula! I cannot wait to start TAOL too :)

#2 THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER by Renée Ahdieh

I finally got one of my most anticipated sequels + final book for 2016. The Rose & The Dagger is beautiful and everything I have wanted in a final book. I can't believe Shazi and Khalid's story ended but gosh I will for sure reread this duology so many times.

Totally will get The Wrath and the Dawn paperback soon because *gosh* it's such a beautiful and pretty book. I love the cover + one more copy of one of my favorite series in the world is perfect hah!

#3 DOROTHY MUST DIE by Danielle Paige

I got Dorothy Must Die at the airport. I have been interested to starting this series because I totally love retellings. I know it is a twist-y way to retelling The Wizard of Oz because if I am correct, Dorothy went evil and now she reigns in terror in Oz? Enter this new girl who suddenly comes into Oz to save the world. 

It sounds super cool and hope it is! I've heard good things from fellow bloggers so I'm keeping my mind opened.

#4 UNICORN TRACKS swag by Julia Ember

I also received an envelop with Unicorn Tracks swag. Thank you so much Julia! Everything was super gorgeous and pretty. I can't take a picture because as I said already I'm not home :/ But know that Julia is so kind and her swag is 1000% beautiful. If you haven't read Unicorn Tracks, you totally should do it. We recently published the Diverse Books Tag and you can see there what Unicorn Tracks is about. Of course we also have our review here: x

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