Aesthetics and edits: LGBT+ books!

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Hi, guys!!! Sil here. Yesterday I did something on our Twitter account really fun. I saw Sue aka @SueYAHollywood tweet she was going to do aesthetics of LGBT+ books because of #PrideMonth and I thought what a great idea this was to get the word out for more LGBT+ books you might not know but find interesting! So I did it too. This post is a recap of all the aesthetics and some edits I've done recently for books that are already out or about to come out.

It was so much fun to do them. Especially because some of them aren't so hyped as all the others. It's a nice way to get the word out and recommend them to lots of people. I'm just so happy that it got a good response *all the heart eyes emojis for you guys*
I'm not shy about my UNDYING love for The Abyss Surrounds Us. That book is gold and if you don't know it, check out the tweet and I give you a little bit of what it's about! There's pirates and lots of sea monsters. And badass girls + kissing too.

I also really like to make edits/graphic teasers of books I love and enjoy. More because I truly like shouting and screaming about books. I'm happy when people tell me they're ordering the book, putting it on their TBR, anything to do with the books I recommend. It's great and I love they are supporting the books + authors, because that means MORE BOOKS to come!

Follow the link of the tweet to find more aesthetics of my recently fave books and all time LGBT+ books! And if you want to do some of your own, totally go and do it and @ at me!!! I so want to see them. I love aesthetic posts *grins*

Also I'm taking new ideas: What do you want to see more on the blog? Anything to be honest. Tell me ideas to do for the blog and I'll do everything I can to make it possible hah!

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  1. So many books I've not read and now want to because of these pretty pictures (I'm simple and easily swayed... I honestly think books need to be come with little teaser images to help get you in the mood for reading).

    1. YAYYY! So happy you want to read them. They're awesome I can assure you this. And I so so agree! It makes me more excited when they share a teaser or an aesthetic or anything from the book, and really makes me want to read it more.