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Today I am here to talk about a somewhat controversial subject in the world of book bloggers. And what is that? eBooks and Audiobooks. I always see posts hating on kindles and Audiobooks. They say it isn’t true reading unless the words are physically in front of you. Because of these posts, I used to never read eBooks or listen to Audiobooks. I was afraid of being judged. Now, I love both. This post is inspired by Ariel Bissett’s recent video where she discusses Audiobooks. Hopefully after reading this post, you will consider picking an Audiobook or an eBook for your next read.

Perks of Reading An Audiobook 
1.You can read anywhere!
There are some places you can’t physically read (driving, walking, cleaning, cooking, etc.) Audiobooks allow you to read when you otherwise can’t. Personally, I like coloring in adult coloring books while listening.

2. Reading in The Car Luckily, 
I can read in the car. Many people get car sick if they read in a car. Audiobooks solve this. You can listen to an Audiobook, instead of just gazing out the window. Unless you enjoy that. If you do, good for you, but I don’t like that.

3. Reading Faster
Many people *cough* me *cough* have a difficult time staying focused. Trying to watch movies with me is awful because I can’t sit still. It’s slowly coming into my reading life. Audiobooks are terrific because you can draw, doodle, clean, etc. while listening to keep your attention. I usually have to be fiddling with my hands when trying to focus, and it’s hard to do that with a physical book. But you can do that with Audiobooks. If you are a slow reader, then Audiobooks read the story to you so it’ll take as long as the recording is. 

Perks of Reading an eBook 
1. Baggage
Kindles are very light, especially when you are travelling! If you are going on vacations for several weeks, it’s hard to bring six hardcover books on vacation with you.

2. New Releases 
Getting new releases are simple when it comes to kindle. If you pre order the book, it will be delivered to your Kindle as soon as it is released. You don’t have to wait for the mailman to bring it or go to the bookstore to buy it.

3. No Light Needed (This only applies if you have a Kindle Fire, iPad, etc.)
This happens to me all the time: I turn off my light, climb into bed, and now I’m not tired. I usually then get on Twitter when I could have been reading. With Kindles and eBooks on cell phones, you can read in the dark when you otherwise couldn’t.

So, I want to listen to an Audiobook now. How do I find one? 
  • Audible: I personally don’t listen to Audiobooks by Audible, but I know you can use it to get them. However, Audiobooks are quite expensive. *The Book Voyagers says: There's sometimes sales!*
  • iTunes: Again, Audiobooks are expensive. I wouldn’t recommend using iTunes for Audiobook purchasing. 
  • OverDrive: (This is what I use). In Oklahoma, we have Oklahoma Virtual Library, where you can borrow eBooks and Audiobooks for free. You can listen/read on your computer/cell phone/tablet/etc.   
  • YouTube: some books have the full Audiobook on YouTube. You can find some classic books there, but I recommend this as a last resort. 
So, I want to read an eBook now. How do I get one? 
  • Kindle Store: You can purchase eBooks on your kindle. Most of the time they are less expensive than the publisher’s price. 
  • OverDrive: (This is what I use). You can check out eBooks and read them on your browser or on an electronic device (kindle, iPad, phone, etc). 
  • iBooks: iBooks is basically Apple’s version of the Kindle Store. 
I hope after reading this post, you guys consider using an Audiobook or eBook as your next read. What is your opinion on Audiobooks and eBooks? Let me know down below. Thanks for reading! And a HUGE thank you to Silvana and Mana for allowing me to guest post!

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