REVIEW: Artistic License by Elle Pierson

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Title: Artistic License
Author: Elle Pierson
Published: March 1st, 2014
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Goodreads synopsis:
"Picasso would have loved his face." 

An art exhibition in Queenstown, New Zealand results in an unlikely friendship and a reluctant love when shy art student Sophy James meets reticent security consultant Mick Hollister. Content with her solitude and independence, Sophy has never desired a long-term relationship. Born with a face that apparently not even a mother could love, Mick has given up hope of having one. They don't have a lot in common; they shouldn't even like one another - and they can't stay away from each other.

Holy guacamole. It seems time passed so fast because I am done with Artistic License. HOW CAN THAT BE THO???? I started it today. The story surely grabbed me from the start and it has such a good writing style; funny, easy to get into, amazing one-liners and fresh new voices. Elle Pierson gave me a good time - NO, she gave me AN AMAZING TIME while reading this book.

1. Sophy is the cutest ball of fire in the entire universe. She's also really talented. It all started because she was gazing at Mick because she thought he was gorgeous and kinda drew him in her notebook. So she asks to draw him and everything starts! It's so damn cute and she's so great. She protects everyone and she is also a bit afraid of changing her routine but she will realize her happiness is out of control.

2. Mick is the equivalent of a big guy + a bunny mixed together. Like for reals. He has this overprotective side and when Sophy answers "yeah mom" to him, it makes me so happy. They have an age difference of 10 years so it's so cute to watch them together. Also he's so tall and broad and Sophy is petite - to be honest, one of my favorite couples I've read. He doesn't have the greatest family and it is so nice to see Sophy wanting to fight like a little cinnamon roll she is.

3. Their friendship. They start off as security consultant and girl who has an asthma attack in a gallery. But then slowly that becomes into a friendship both don't even know they're having. He calls, she calls, they meet together, they share these adorable little moments holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. It's so damn cute to see, you can't help to root for them.

4. AGE DIFFERENCE. Enough said.

There's humor, romance, two characters that are so lovable, a bit of mystery going around. I don't doubt you'll have a great time if you do decide to pick it up. It's only 0.99$ in the Kindle store right now, so please go and get it and share your updates with me!!!

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