ARC Review: Anything More Than Now by Rebecca Paula

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Title: Anything More Than Now
Author: Rebecca Paula
Series: Sutton College #2
Publishing: January 26th, 2016
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Goodreads blurb:
Reagan Landry is months away from college graduation, but instead of excitement, she's frozen by the fear of letting go — of her ex-boyfriend, of the comfortable life she created for herself in Portland, of the years-long search for her older sister who abandoned her as a homeless teen. When she’s finally forced to decide what's next, Reagan is met with another complication — her ex’s best friend, Noah Burke, who seems determined that she embraces what could be instead of what has been. 

Drunkenly hooking up with his best friend’s ex, Reagan, is a mistake, but being secretly in love with her is so much worse when things seem one-sided. A disenchanted frat boy about to fail out of college, Noah has been living out someone else’s dream after a horrible accident five years earlier. Just when he thinks he's lost any chance he has with Reagan, she surprises him by agreeing to spend the summer together at his family's ranch in Montana. 

And suddenly what started out as a complication between them becomes serious...until the past starts ripping apart their future.

I have been broken apart by these two - Reagan Landry and Noah Burke. It's a wonder I'm still able to write a coherent (hopefully!) review. To be honest, I'm tempted to just write all the reasons you should read this book, so I'm going to do that.

#1 Reagan Landry. Our own fighter. She is the girl who wants to get what she wants yet somehow something goes always wrong. She is that girl who screams within for something right to fall upon her life. She is a girl loving a boy so smooth with words you can't help to fall. It was SO NICE to meet Reagan up close now. We meet her in Between Everything and Us and she is Beau's ex gf. She lives in the same complex with them, but she keeps to herself. You know there's something she is not telling everyone and something that is eating at her. It's so great to hear her story. It was great to see her journey and character arc. She deserves all the stars in the sky.

#2 Noah Burke. He is the boy you read in poems. That scarred, tattooed, intelligent boy you want to know more about. There has been sadness and trouble in all his life. And when he sees Reagan for the first time it's like the skies open and he sees the sun shine. Their relationship, their dynamics together - it all starts a bit hate-to-love, but soon we find out there wasn't a lot of hate and more more love. In between, Rebecca Paula, with her poetic and meaningful writing, keep us captivated in the world of Reagan and Noah. 

#3 Cuteness to the max. Whenever these two are together you just can't help to smile. There are so many little things happening between them, don't miss them! A tug of a hand, a caress of hair, a look of love - complete and utterly in love. It's a mystery how I didn't explode with all the cuteness happening. Seriously, guys, you know they are meant to be.

#4 Always there for each other. It's always nice to see whenever there is trouble/problem, the couple always stand by their side together. That even if they don't speak any words, you know in your heart they will support them and help them throughout anything.

#5 Don't know what to do after college? Are you failing any class? Reagan is almost graduating and in the book you see how she struggles to have something when she is done with college. And if you are experiencing the same thing, Rebecca Paula does it amazingly. I love this about RP's books; she always manages to get to my heart with real-life issues. And the characters, their stories - are so different from my own but yet something like these, it's like she sees into my heart and knows I need to hear this somehow. 

I will forever love her books because her words make me happy. That's the simple truth. She is a master of words and she knows how to use them together. So if you ever want to find out why I have an undying love for this woman, pick up either Everly After, Between Everything and Us or Anything More Than Now (when it comes out, def!) You won't ever regret it.
Rebecca writes smart, emotional New Adult and historical romances featuring flawed characters struggling to find their place in the world, from Paris to Portland. She's a lover of rainy days, an unabashed anglophile, and a devote Earl Grey tea drinker. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their very spoiled cat, Bella. A wanderlust connoisseur, Rebecca can be caught daydreaming about her next travel adventure when not writing.


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