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Hello, voyagers! Because of the good response of SWOONS {the romance magazine I made last month} had, many told me to do one for YA. Some of this community don't read NA/Adult romance so I understood why they wanted to see their fave YA characters in a similar way that I did in that romance magazine. I wanted to do it but I didn't know how to make it good. I thought of authors to invite and I was unsure if they would say yes but I sent the emails. And they all said yes. I hope you all love this issue, it's a SWOONS YA Edition titled IT'S LIT (thanks Shenwei for the name!!), and hopefully there will be more to come in the future!

Note: The magazine's point is to show your favorite characters (this time from YA books) and imagine them living side by side with us in this world. So it's like they are real life people and some sort of celebrities among us.

Note #1: You can click the image to enlarge. But I'll write down everything that it's on the image under that so you can read it easier and just enjoy the aesthetic of the pictures haha.

Note #2: Thank you again to all the authors who helped me! Thank you CB Lee and the fabulous interview with Emma and Jess written by Bells. Thank you Tristina Wright for the FIRST INTERVIEW EVER with the 27 Hours gang. Thank you Heidi Heilig for the epic post written by Nix, amazing time-traveling pirate. And thank you Becky Albertalli and the awesome dynamic Molly and Simon have.

Welcome to IT'S LIT! 

~ Cover of IT'S LIT ~ { + Contents of the magazine}
What's New | News and Gossip
[New releases]

You're Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner
// Amazing street art is appearing and we are all loving it!
The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig
// The Temptation is taking a long journey to another land.
Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
// Winter is here. The Goblin King is among us and searching for a bride...
The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco
// Time for the parties!! Party season is on the go.
 In the Driver's Seat by Bells Broussard | Yearbook section
{Post provided by CB Lee}
*Book: Not Your Sidekick

To most teenagers, getting a driver's license is so unnecessary. Why drive when you can program your car to go wherever you like? Not to mention the extra expense of installing a driver-operated wheel and controls in the car and filling out all that extra paperwork for the Collective. But junior Emma Robledo thinks it's worth it; she's had her driver's license for a year and loves the freedom of driving.

BB: What inspired you to get a license? It's very unusual.
ER: With regular cars, you don't always get where you need to be. If you haven't updated the software in awhile or sometimes it'll glitch, you know? And cars will always drive at the set speed, you know. So if you want to go a little faster, you can. [winks]

BB: Was there a ridiculous process to get a license?
ER: No, not really. Okay, yeah. I mean, you do have to wait awhile, so it wasn't like after I turned sixteen I was able to drive right away. But my moms were great about helping me find what I wanted, and they helped me pick out a car in my favorite color-- bright, bright red!
BB: Tell me about driving. What's it like?
ER: You have to pay attention to the road, and the other cars and people around you, so you can't just fall asleep or look out the window if the car is driving you. But I love when I put the top down on the car, and the wind is in my hair, and my best friends are with me and we're just laughing and going wherever we want to go.

BB: Oh, hanging out with your best friends, huh?
ER: [laughs] Well, they're the best.

// Exploring the Unknown by Bells Broussard | Yearbook section
{Post provided by CB Lee} @ credits for the images ~ Tiffany Chien
*Book: Not Your Sidekick
You've probably seen the multiple warning signs outside of Andover if you've ever traveled through the Unmaintained zones to get to the Las Vegas hovertrain. Junior Jessica Tran isn't afraid of radiation poisoning or wild animals or decrepit Pre-Collective buildings; in fact, she loves wandering out in the wilderness, going hiking on her own and exploring the desert beyond our fair city.

BB: What do you love most about the desert?
JT: It's so calm and peaceful. I love the colors out here, all the reds and golds and oranges.

BB: Aren';t you worried about the dangers? The warnings are there for a reason.
JT: Well, a lot of those warnings would make sense right after the Disasters, but it's been so long now, and we know that there isn't danger from the radiation anymore. But because no one actually lives out there or knows much about what's left, that the desert is this huge, scary thing and no one bothers to check it out.

BB: How did you start exploring outside the city?
JT: Um, well, I was actually just looking for some peace and quiet to... write! I write in my journal a lot, but it's very noisy at home. My brother likes to build things, and a lot of them explode or fall apart. So I was driving one day and I was just wondering what was outside the solar fields... so yeah. That's how I started.
BB: What's your favorite thing about the canyons?
JT: There's just so many trails to discover. People used to hike here all the time, but I guess now there aren't that many people who appreciate it.

BB: Is hiking difficult? You must be very sporty!
JT: [laughing] No, no, I'm not athletic at all. I never really thought of myself like that, but I think hiking is something anyone can do. You just put one foot in front of the other and keep going, and you can see new things and get rewarding views. It's awesome!

For anyone else interested in exploring the canyons, Jessica recommends charging your car completely before heading out of Andover, and to take the Blue Diamond road and follow the Pre-Collective signs, and if they've been graffitied over by Master Mischief, then you know you're going in the right direction!
Rumor {and more characters!!} | Interview section
// Answers provided by Tristina Wright
*Book: 27 Hours
IT'S LIT: Hello, Rumor! Welcome to SWOONS HQ. We are so glad to have you here with us.
Rumor: Hey, it’s really nice to be h—
Braeden: Is this where the interview is?
Jude: Yeah, I’m pretty sure seeing as how he’s…you know, here.
Dahlia: Don’t be rude. Jude: I’m not being rude!
Rumor: Guys…?
Dahlia: I wasn’t talking to you.
Braeden: Hey! I am a paragon of manners, okay.
Trick: That was a giant word for you, man, I am proud. 
Nyx: Hi, I’m Nyx, is it okay if we come in?
Rumor: Is anyone going to ask my opinion on this?
Dahlia: We saw the invite on your tablet and decided to make sure you were going to come.
Rumor: And I came.
Braeden: And decided to make sure you stayed.
Rumor: Why wouldn’t I stay?
Jude: You don’t like to talk about yourself. 
Dahlia: Aww, he’s got grumpy eyes now.
Rumor: I do not have grumpy eyes now.
Nyx: You really do. Sorry.

IT'S LIT: We were wondering, how do you feel about your story been told and that it's coming out soon, and everyone will know about it?
Rumor: Oh…it’s rough to think about. So much breaks and splinters and flies apart—even me, and I mean, that night is still so vivid in my…well I guess all our minds. 
Jude: Like it just happened.
Rumor: Yeah. I’ll never forget it.
Dahlia: Twenty-seven hours sounds like such a long time until…
Nyx: …that happens.
Braeden: But it’s fine! I come in right at the end and save the day. It’s cool. Cape and everything. 
Trick: You’re such a nerd.
Braeden: Your mom’s a nerd.
Trick: Your face is a nerd.
Braeden: That doesn’t make sense.
Trick: Your mom—
Dahlia: Oh my god, I’m going to kick you both in the shins.
IT'S LIT: Now, a little flashback, if you could tell us your happiest day and describe what was going on.
Braeden: You ask this assuming Rumor is capable of joy. 
Rumor: The day I first learned to fight with a sword is probably not what you’re looking for, is it? 
Dahlia: Honey, no. 
Nyx: Mine was teaching Braeden, and later Dahlia, how to sign. 
Braeden: Yeah? 
Nyx: Yeah, since you have an eidetic memory, it was pretty easy to teach you, but it was great to be able to finally talk to you. 
Braeden: Oh, come here, you. 
Trick: And the hugs have started! 
Rumor: No one said anything about hugging. 
Jude: What’s your happy moment? 
Rumor: Prem in the early mornings. It was this little teahouse in HUB2 that my mom took me to. It was owned by these three women. Two of them were sisters, and the third was married to one of the others but I forget which one. Anyway, they would make us chai, and I had to sit on a cushion to reach the table. Yeah, so that’s not really a one moment thing and more like an ongoing thing, but it was something only mom and I did. 
Jude: You’ve never told me about that. 
Dahlia: He doesn’t talk about his mom much.
IT'S LIT: This book is filled with explosions and fights, but also a lot of friendship, new friendships and old friendships. How did you feel going back to those old friendships? And how did you feel meeting new people and forming those bonds?
Dahlia: So many explosions, every time I turn around, these dorks are blowing more stuff up.
Trick: That's not entirely fair.
Dahlia: Name one thing I blew up. I'll wait.
Braeden: I need popcorn for this.
Rumor: Okay, while we're settling that... the only person I knew before all this started was Dahlia, and it was surprising running into her again. But I'm glad she was there, because if she hadn't been, everything could've been so much worse. The rest of them I met on the worst night of my life, which probably isn’t the best time to make new friends—
Braeden: cough Or boyfriends cough
Jude: Understatement.
Nyx: But I think we did okay, considering? I mean, it wasn’t easy and there’s still so much left between the six of us and out…there.
Rumor: Yeah, yeah I think we did okay.
Dahlia: We did more than okay, Rumor.
Braeden: GROUP HUG
Rumor: NO 
IT'S LIT: Rumor, what scares you?
Braeden: Smiling.
Trick: Hug.
Dahlia: Small children.
Nyx: Sunlight
Jude: Flowers.
Rumor: I hate all of you. 

IT'S LIT: These next questions are sort of THIS or THAT but you will have to choose one friend for each question, alright?
Rumor: Um, could they leave the room for this?
Trick: Counterpoint, can he leave the room for this?
Braeden: Oh, I like that!
Rumor: I'm not leaving the room for this.
Dahlia: He's gonna pick me for all the answers anyway.
Jude: Says who?
Nyx: I would pick Dahlia for all my answers.
Braeden: Is this a kissing interview?
1) If you could choose a friend to help you win a fight, who would you pick? Braeden
2) Choose a friend to stare at the stars and feel perfectly in peace: Jude
3) Choose a friend who will always help you even if you haven't told them what for: Dahlia and Nyx
4) Choose a friend who you thought it was impossible to be friends but now you are: Trick
5) If you were locked inside a room for 24 hours and you had to choose one friend to be there with you, who would it be? 
Rumor: Uhhhhhhhhh... can I pick any of them with the option to be able to tape their mouth shut?
Dahlia: Rude. 
IT'S LIT: Thanks, Rumor, for being here with us and for this wonderful chance to talk to you and all of your friends. We are happy to get to know you better and this book as well. We are all excited for this book to come out and fall in love with you (again).
Rumor: Thanks for having me, and I’m sorry for the gate-crashers here.
Nyx: No, it was fun!
Braeden: Oh! I have an idea. 
Trick: Your ideas usually end up with me shot.
Braeden: This doesn’t involve weapons.
Trick: Your mom doesn’t involve—
Dahlia: I swear to all that’s holy…
Jude: We should do this again.
Braeden: That was my idea!
Nyx: I love that idea! I can set up something online for us maybe!
Trick: And now they’re signing and not speaking. Probably talking about me.
Jude: Or discussing the idea? Not everything is about you.
Trick: Lies.
Dahlia: I really don’t think Rumor would want to do this again.
Rumor: Nah, I might be up for it.
Dahlia: Wait, what?

// Sailing Through Spring Break | Holidays and more... section
{Post provided by Heidi Heilig}
*Book: The Girl From Everywhere

With spring break coming up in many countries (but not all timelines), quite a few of us may be planning travel. As an avid traveler through time, I love a good journey through history. So if you’re swept away by wanderlust, allow me to recommend a few eras and places, some of which seem quite timely!

ONE | uno
As some of you may know, my last visit to ancient China was fairly short. I had somewhere else to be-- plus, I was in an underground necropolis the whole time, so I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to. But I’d love to explore my roots, and Qin’s unification of China was an amazing time, marked by great public works and art and change-- though fairly dangerous, what with all the war and assassination going on. So go to ancient china, but pack light and don’t forget an escape map!
TWO | dos
If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, 1900’s Tahiti might be a good time and place. Black sand beaches, sapphire seas-- but please be aware and respectful of local culture and sacred sites. And if you join us there, be warned: Kashmir keeps threatening he’ll learn to pearl dive in the customary way (i.e. in the nude). And if he catches you staring you’ll only make him more insufferable.

THREE | tres
If city living is more your style, I recommend Jazz-age Harlem. Sit discreetly in the corner of a smoky club and listen to the real stars of the era-- Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday. Celebrate Black Excellence then and now.

FOUR | cuatro
Speaking of excellence (or if you’re just tired of the last century), I’ve always wanted to see 12th century Constantinople: the biggest, richest city in Europe before the fourth crusade wrecked everything. See it during the Komnenian Restoration and enjoy the amazing advances in science, poetry, art, and other culture that made this city a gem. I’m still looking for a map of the right time. You may need to start here, in 15th century Byzantium, and ask the locals for older maps, but please be careful and avoid outbreaks of plague.

FIVE | cinco
Finally, for anyone unhappy with our current timeline and longing for an alternate reality where one of the most successful rulers of all time is also a woman, I urge you to enjoy Egypt during Hatshepsut’s reign. She was pharaoh for two decades, during which she opened trade routes with excellent diplomacy, built wealth for her country, and commissioned hundreds of major construction and infrastructure projects.

// There you have it, five can’t be missed times and places! Smooth sailing and safe travels, wherever and whenever you go. (And if you see me there, say hi!)
 -- Nix Song
Oreo Truffles with Molly and Simon | Recipes
{Post provided by Becky Albertalli}
*Book: Simon Vs. & The Upside of Unrequited

MOLLY: Hi, everyone! I’m coming to you live from Atlanta today for this very special episode of Molly’s Got the Munchies. 
SIMON: That’s the name of your channel? Molly’s Got the Munchies?
SIMON: So, like a stoner rom-com?
MOLLY: Not that kind of munchies. General munchies. *looks off-camera* Abby, stop laughing.
SIMON: General munchies, unrelated to marijuana.
MOLLY: Entirely unrelated. Anyway. Hi, everyone! This is my new friend Simon Spier, and he’s here today to share his mom’s recipe for Oreo truffles.
SIMON: Also known as reindeer turds.
MOLLY: Right. Of course.

SUBTITLE: Not actual turds. Please do not attempt this with actual turds.

MOLLY: So, for this recipe, you’ll need a Cuisinart mixer, a gallon-sized bag, a bag of chocolate chips, a microwave, a block of cream cheese, and a big package of Oreos.
SIMON: Maybe two packages.
MOLLY: Well, we need to keep the proportions right.
SIMON: Okay.
MOLLY: So, first –
SIMON: But what if you accidentally eat the Oreos? Then you’ll wish you had a second pack. 
MOLLY: I guess that’s true. If you somehow accidentally eat an entire pack of Oreos –
SIMON: I’d say when.
MOLLY: What?
SIMON: When you accidentally eat an entire pack of Oreos.
MOLLY: Okay then. Two packs of Oreos.
SIMON: Maybe three.
MOLLY: OKAY. So these are actually very simple! We start by dumping the Oreos directly in the Cuisinart and grinding them up until they’re sort of a dirt consistency.
SIMON: I don’t know if you’re really selling it…
MOLLY: And then you divide the cream cheese into chunks and put it right into the Cuisinart with the Oreo powder.
SIMON: Yes. 
MOLLY: So, now we’ll just blast it around in there for awhile until it’s all mixed.
SIMON: Until it’s a delicious Oreo blob from heaven.
MOLLY: Exactly. 
SIMON: I’m going to make sure it tastes okay. *reaches for the Cuisinart*

SUBTITLE: Please ensure that the Cuisinart is powered off before inserting your hand inside. 

SIMON: Close call. *shoves Oreo blob into his mouth*
MOLLY: So, next, you’ll want to take whatever scraps of Oreo filling Simon hasn’t eaten, and scoop them into your Ziploc bag. Then you stick the bag in the freezer for a few hours. But luckily… SIMON: Please tell me you’re about to do the thing where you already have a batch ready to go. MOLLY: I already have a batch ready to go!
SIMON: *victory dance*
MOLLY: So, here we have a bag of Oreo blob that’s been in the freezer for just a couple of hours. It’s not actually frozen – this just makes it a little firmer and easier to work with.
SIMON: I have a confession. *peers into camera* I have no idea how to make these. We found this recipe on the internet.
MOLLY: Well then. *smiles at camera* Anyway. Now we roll them into little balls, about the size of a ping pong ball – maybe a little smaller. Please don’t eat all the dough, Simon.
SIMON: *swallows* Sorry! *resumes eating dough*
MOLLY: Now I’m placing them on a cookie sheet that I’ve lined with wax paper. They look so cute! 
SIMON: They look like poop.
MOLLY: But cute poop.
SIMON: Agreed. 
MOLLY: So, now we melt the chocolate in the microwave. Usually, this takes less than a minute. I like to take it out halfway to stir it up. If you want, you can add a tiny bit of oil to make it smoother, but that’s optional. Once we have our melted chocolate, it’s time to dip the Oreo balls!
SIMON: I love this part.
MOLLY: I like to use a spoon for this. I dunk each one in and get it all covered in chocolate. Then I use the spoon to take the ball out and put it on the tray to harden.
SIMON: You are making so many innuendos right now.
MOLLY: I am. *covers mouth with both hands* Oh my god.
SIMON: So what do we do with these hardened balls, Molly?
MOLLY: *still blushing* Um. We eat them.
SIMON: We eat the heck out of them.
MOLLY: So, that’s reindeer turds. Super easy, super delicious, no real poop involved. If you end up trying these at home, let me know in the comments. And if you liked this video, you should subscribe to my channel – Molly’s Got the Munchies. And give us a thumbs up!

And that's it! Hope you all enjoyed this issue of IT'S LIT and that maybe you are excited for more? 

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  1. I love this one just as much as the romance edition. The images are truly awesome I am jealous of your skills. I hope you carry on doing some post like these, especially with some input from the authors to make these posts truly awesome.