Sunday, October 30, 2016

Title: Timekeeper
Author: Tara Sim
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Release date: November 8th, 2016

Two o’clock was missing. 

In an alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers, a damaged clock can fracture time—and a destroyed one can stop it completely. 

It’s a truth that seventeen-year-old clock mechanic Danny Hart knows all too well; his father has been trapped in a Stopped town east of London for three years. Though Danny is a prodigy who can repair not only clockwork, but the very fabric of time, his fixation with staging a rescue is quickly becoming a concern to his superiors. 

And so they assign him to Enfield, a town where the tower seems to be forever plagued with problems. Danny’s new apprentice both annoys and intrigues him, and though the boy is eager to work, he maintains a secretive distance. Danny soon discovers why: he is the tower’s clock spirit, a mythical being that oversees Enfield’s time. Though the boys are drawn together by their loneliness, Danny knows falling in love with a clock spirit is forbidden, and means risking everything he’s fought to achieve. 

But when a series of bombings at nearby towers threaten to Stop more cities, Danny must race to prevent Enfield from becoming the next target or he’ll not only lose his father, but the boy he loves, forever.

Thank you Edelweiss and Sky Pony Press for the egalley. 

You enter this alternate Victorian London. You get to meet Danny Hart, a clock mechanic, that only wants to know if his dad is okay. To find a way to fix the damage he thinks he caused. This a story about how this boy found a clock tower and inside a lonely clock spirit. This is a story about how those two boys fell in love while a conspiracy to destroy all the clock towers in London is happening.

Tara Sim's debut novel is made of thin threads of gold and magic that tell a story about a boy who fell for a clock spirit in the middle of a conspiracy. This book is lyrical and fascinating to get to know. It's so enchanting, the story speaks to you and will try to get you so into the story, you won't let go until the end. You will want more, that's for sure.

The characters are all so amazing, especially Danny and Colton. It has a forbidden romance and much more than that. It has a forbidden romance and much more than that. I fell in love with Colton since the first time I saw him enter scene. He is shy and cute and really wants for someone to love him and stay with him. I love every aspect of this book, from the very alternate Victorian London setting to the small details, the small gestures, the small actions. This book is filled with love and caring and characters made of paper but will feel so real you will say you wish you were there with them.

Timekeeper is definitely one of my favorite 2016 books. I adored every second I spent reading it~ the story doesn't drag in any moment, the flow is easy and fresh but also really entertaining and fun to follow: there are so many things happening you will be craving more and more with every chapter you read.

Overall, if you enjoy alternate settings, magic, adorable clock spirits, a really great MC that is experiencing loss but also love, and just lots of kisses, Timekeeper is for you and you should definitely get it when it's out!

Tara Sim is the author of TIMEKEEPER (Sky Pony Press, Fall 2016) and writer of all things magic. She can often be found in the wilds of the Bay Area, California. 

When she’s not writing about mischievous boys in clock towers, Tara spends her time drinking tea, wrangling cats, and occasionally singing opera. Despite her bio-luminescent skin, she is half-Indian and eats way too many samosas.

Contact: Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Friday, October 28, 2016

This happens quite a lot in the book community: People only read the really popular books or the ones on the bestseller list. They say "There is no *inserts trope*" "I want more *inserts trope*!!" in asks in Tumblr or in tweets. They say they read diversity but only read the ones on the New York Times list (I'm not saying they're bad because some of them are actually great but they're not the only ones out there!). I get that the books from the Big 5 are the ones who get the most publicity and they have a reach to lots of places/people. But I don't like that people disregard books from small presses thinking they're bad BECAUSE they're from small presses, like they're not good enough. 

So I wanted to make a post about my love for books that are not from the big publishing houses out there, but actually from the small presses that don't get a lot of hype/talk/publicity in the book community. I tell you this: Support them! Support them by buying their books, by talking about them in social media, with your friends, with the person you meet at the bookstore!


• Definitely, Maybe, Yours (Sucre Coeur #1) by Lissa Reed

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

100 Days by Mimsy Hale

Hold by Rachel Davidson Leigh


Marian by Ella Lyons*

Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember

Here's to You, Zeb Pike by Johanna Parkhurst

We Awaken by Calista Lynne


Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers

Timekeeper by Tara Sim*

Beyond the Red by Ava Jae

Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Liars and Losers Like Us by Ami Allen-Vath

Spin the Sky by Jill MacKenzie*


Roller Girl by Vanessa North

Hotline by Quinn Anderson*

Finding Your Feet by Cass Lennox

Assassins: Discord by Erica Cameron

Counterbalance by Aidan Wayne 


Perfect Liars by Kimberly Reid

Ink and Ashes by Valynne E. Maetani

Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Diverse Energies edited by Tobias S. Buckell, Joe Monti


Soul to Keep by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Gravity by Juliann Rich*

Miss Match by Fiona Riley

Freshman Year by AnnaMeekee Hesik

Taste by Kris Bryant

Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon

And more!!
The Princess Affair by Nell Stark
Waiting in the Wings by Melissa Brayden
A Place to Rest by Erin Dutton


The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie

How Many Letters Are in Goodbye? by Yvonne Cassidy

Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Riptide by Lindsey Scheibe


Tokens and Omens by Jeri Baird 

Jerkbait by Mia Siegert

Consider by Kristy Acevedo

Dreamless by Jenniffer Wardell


Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova

Between Here and Gone by Barbara Ferrer

Semi-Scripted by Amanda Heger*

Dreadnought by April Daniels*

Shuttergirl by C.D. Reiss


Here's The Thing by Emily O'Beirne

Heart Trouble by Jae

Shattered by Lee Winter*

The Set Piece by Catherine Lane

*hasn't released yet
italic titles are the ones I've already read

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When I finish a show or watch an episode of my fave shows, I always get this urge to read something that resembles it or has a same feeling to it. (This also happens with sports but that's just me like I always end up rereading The Wall of Winnipeg when I watch a football game omg). So I'm always happy to find a book that reminds me of some fave and great shows. I haven't watched them all or like all of the episodes, maybe I have watched only four episodes or only one season of the 198373 seasons they have, but I'm sure they make me go "huh they sound so much like *inserts show*" 

I just hope you find something you like (or are interested to read more about) in this blog spot. That's my only goal with doing this. Thank you to some people who helped me match shows with books: Katie from @aroaceromanova + Sue from @SueYAHollywood 

IF YOU LIKE: Legends of Tomorrow
YOU SHOULD READ: The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

They have a lot of similarities. The big one, of course, is the time traveling. I picked TGFE because it's one of those books where they time-travel to more than one place. Sometimes in books they always get to time-travel to only one place and that's it. But in TGFE, Nix and the crew visit various places like New York City, Calcutta, Honolulu, etc. And even though this crew isn't various superheroes with powers, Nix's father, Slate, is trying to go back to an specific time to save his wife, Nix's mother, from dying. Plus these two crews travel by ship: Legends of Tomorrow (they travel by a some sort of spaceship) while TGFE (they travel by an actual ship in the sea). 

YOU SHOULD READ: Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis

Even though Otherbound is not filled with 8 voices inside everyone's head, it does have two characters who can go into each other's head. And there's that something that at first the characters in Sense8 only could see into their minds, but later on learnt to be in the other's bodies. In Otherbound, both MCs are POC and disabled. 

IF YOU LIKE: Game of Thrones
YOU SHOULD READ: Welcome to the Underworld by Con Template

One big difference you might have already guessed: yup, Welcome to the Underworld is NOT a fantasy. It's contemporary, set in South Korea. But wait!! Then why is it here? Let me list down the things that I found in common that makes this book perfect if you love Game of Thrones: 1) It's about families fighting for a throne. Yes, it's the Mafia thrones, the who is going to be the new King and Queen of the Underworld. They will fight for that throne and do anything in their power for it, even shed blood yes. 2) There is blood, lots. 3) It has friends you thought you could trust. 4) Epic histories for each family. They all have their reasons, they all have their secrets, they all have problems.

IF YOU LIKE: Faking It
YOU SHOULD READ: Dating Sarah Cooper by Siera Maley

Both have one thing in common: two best friends are mistaken as a couple, then they both pretend to date. It has the high school setting, the cute swoony feelings, self-discovery, and super funny! I have heard this is ten times better than FAKING IT so 1000% recommend if you enjoyed the show but wanted more from it and/or to address other topics. -Sue

IF YOU LIKE: Gossip Girl
YOU SHOULD READ: Prom Queen Perfect by Clarisse David

Alex dela Cruz definitely reminded me of Blair Waldorf: has money, she is a fashionista, popular, and she is feared. She has a childhood friend who she HAAAATES aka the love interest, Adam Cordero. It's not as intense as Blair and Chuck's love story, but it has that sweetness of it. What she wants, she will do everything in her power to get it, even if she hurts some people in the process, though at the end you know as well as I do that Blair Waldorf always reflects on what she has done. 

I also recommend to read: Last Will and Testament by Dahlia Adler and Everly After by Rebecca Paula ~ both have a semi-Serena van der Woodsen as MCs. 

IF YOU LIKE: Gilmore Girls
YOU SHOULD READ: The Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee

When I read this book, one thing I liked the most was the family dynamics it had. The Secret of a Heart Note has a mother-daughter relationship that grows and grows with every passing page. It's magical and beautiful to see it in a YA book. Though the book is more fantasy but it does has some romances and friendships in the mix + it happens in a small town where everyone knows each other. -Sue

IF YOU LIKE: Pretty Little Liars
YOU SHOULD READ: Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra, Dhonielle Clayton

If you like unlikable heroines, ballet, backstabbing, manipulation and mystery, Tiny Pretty Things is for you. With the difference of the setting being a ballet school, it resembles PLL in a way with the heroines trying to win and achieve their goals. It also tackles important issues like bullying, eating disorders, racism, body image ~ all in a competitive environment. -Sue

IF YOU LIKE: The Walking Dead
YOU SHOULD READ: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Not only does it have vampires, but it also has zombies. It's about a girl who suddenly gets turned into a vampire, the beings she hates the most, but now has to live with it. She encounters a group of people that are trying to survive the night (because zombies) and she decided to join them without telling them she's a vampire, of course *wink* The MC is POC!!! And truly this book is so fun and it has action scenes like fighting and almost-dying moments that you will not want to miss! There's romance but also it tells you that you might find a family in people that you don't share blood with. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

I'm such a big fan of romance contemporary books. Recently, I have been reading more and more and they just fill me with happiness and you can swoon and laugh and cry ok. This may include New Adult but they are romance so I'm adding with them. Also I've been seeing the typical NA storyline always with white het characters ~ *sarcasm* because why not ~ and they're so popular around bloggers/readers. But to be honest, they have the same cookie box structure.... and everyone loves them. 

Title: Love On My Mind
Author: Tracey Livesay
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Rating: 5/5

Why you should read it:

~ PR executive POC heroine
~ Adam "Sexiest Geek Alive 2016" Bennett
~ IM KIDDING BUT YES Adam Bennett was SGA in the book but I'm not sure which year
~ Also he is a computer genius and tech CEO of one of the most successful tech companies
~ The hero has Asperger's Syndrome
~ Chelsea aka the heroine wants to succeed in everything and she wants to achieve the partnership she has always wanted in the company

Title: Settle the Score & Hustle Play
Author: Tara Frejas
Links: Goodreads | Amazon 
Rating: 5/5

Why you should read it:

~ Heroine plays basketball in her university
~ Hero is a cheerleader!
~ Best friends to lovers trope
~ Filipino NA
~ More a novella than a novel tbh (probs 66 pages long)

Title: Hold Me
Author: Courtney Milan
Links: Goodreads | Amazon 
Rating: 5/5

Why you should read it:

~ Geeky romance
~ Trans Latina heroine
~ Thai-Chinese bisexual hero
~ The whole book has a full cast of POC with the exception of Blake aka the hero of Book #1
~ Hate to love trope + You've Got Mail feel


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello, voyagers! I bring you today a special post for me. If you don't know, I'm Mexican, I live in Mexico. I love to see Latinxs in books, especially Mexicans. I try to find books that have POC as MCs instead of the same old same old white characters you see everywhere. And when I find Latinxs, I pray it's good and that it doesn't have stereotypes, because sometimes the author isn't Latinx and I'm a bit worried the rep would be bad. Sometimes it comes out okay but sometimes it doesn't.

This is going to be a list of books that, in my opinion, have a good rep (I may have not read it but I know it has good rep) and are fun, addicting, and filled with love. I hope you guys enjoy!

Young Adult:

New Adult:


*not released yet
**any or all MCs in the book are LGBT+

If you have any recs, please send them my way!!! I would love to check them out!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Street Team is organized by Nori aka Read Write Love 28. It's a cross between a blog tour and a street team where you spotlight an author each month. Posts will be out each Sunday!

Title: Fear the Drowning Deep
Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Release date: October 4th, 2016

Witch’s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face. So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen-year-old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man.

Soon, villagers are vanishing in the night, but no one shares Bridey’s suspicions about the sea. No one but the island’s witch, who isn’t as frightening as she first appears, and the handsome dark-haired lad Bridey rescues from a grim and watery fate. The cause of the deep gashes in Fynn’s stomach and his lost memories are, like the recent disappearances, a mystery well-guarded by the sea. In exchange for saving his life, Fynn teaches Bridey to master her fear of the water — stealing her heart in the process.

Now, Bridey must work with the Isle’s eccentric witch and the boy she isn’t sure she can trust — because if she can’t uncover the truth about the ancient evil in the water, everyone she loves will walk into the sea, never to return.

If you're in need of a scary read for the October holidays, Sarah Glenn Marsh's Fear the Drowning Deep is actually a perfect choice. What lies in the deepest parts of the sea? ~ Man have gone to the farthest reaches of space, but it's actually the sea that has been left unexplored, and this book just reminds you that there are monsters under us, waiting.

There is a lot of mythology and local monster legends (I would guess they are local) that takes place in the Isle of Man. It was realy intriguing to see all the different types and you might meet some of them throughout the book.