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Hey beautiful people. How are you doing today? I hope your day has been filled with lots of fun things and READING. Lots of reading. My week hasn't gone too good in terms of reading because sadly I can't seem to start something. I am trying hard to start a new book after finishing Third Son's a Charm by Shana Galen but nothing. I just need to get my mind into something and that's a go. You know those times where you are like "I'm going to start reading after watching this or doing that" and then you stay so long on the internet or watching that something and the evening is gone, night is upon you and then you're just tired to pick up something? That happens to me so often. 

Okay so back to the post today. I always wanted to try writing mini reviews, I found them so fascinating and great to be honest. You have lots of mini reviews in one post and I think that's the best thing ever, you put the most important stuff of the book and let your readers know about it! I suck at doing long reviews and let's be honest.... I really suck at doing reviews, so I thought this would be a good idea for me because I suck lmao. This time is for these two books I completely adored: Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren and Stripped by Zoey Castile. (I'll put links to each of these books down below so don't worry!) 

Sadly I don't have Photoshop in my new laptop. (I have to get it ASAP! I have many things in mind). So there won't be a header I guess *pouts* but you will those beautiful covers to stare at I promise and maybe you will like what I say about these two romance titles. Without further ado, let's begin.

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating was beautiful. I haven't read a lot of Christina Lauren (which I'm going to remedy this soon) but as soon as I found out what this was about, I was on. I was ready to love this, to talk about this forever, for my love of this beautiful novel. And I hadn't even read it.

Luckily I was contacted for an ARC and I was like YES PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME. And read it I think all in one go. I was obsessed. Christina Lauren know how to write a freaking good love story. I was all for Hazel since the start, no joke, she's the best ever. And Josh... well, Josh is a dream. The ice prince I always want in my romance novels. Both of them made a pair that you won't forget. This book is fun and entertaining. You will fall for Hazel and her lovely persona and fall for Josh and his heart and soul. Christina Lauren really did steal my heart with this one. And I cannot wait for them to do it all over again with their December release *wink wink*

I thank Norma again because she sent me the ARC and I love her. If you haven't read Stripped, get to it because this series will be BIG. It's not a surprise I enjoyed this book profoundly. I love Zoey/Zoraida's writing so much and I have enjoyed her other New Adult titles a lot too. When I found out she was releasing new romance books, I already craved them like a lot. 

Stripped is the story of Robyn Flores, a schoolteacher, who happens to get a laundry bag that isn't hers and finds inside a bedazzled thong. Then her new neighbor, Zac Fallon, arrives at her door and tells her she got his laundry bag. Yup. Later on you find out Fallon (he goes by his last name oh yeah) is a stripper and this is sort of like a Magic Mike thing but taking place in New York. I tell you: It's fabulous. All of it. It's a short read but filled with good content. The chapter headings/titles are hilarious and Zoey is a master of words. The romance itself filled me with joy because it was adorable. Fallon falls first and he can't stop thinking about Robyn, he wants her to be by his side. He also has a husky puppy which I cannot help to always announce because I know people love cute dogs in their books. So alert, this has a cute dog you all. I really cannot wait to find out what's next in this fabulous, steamy, and fun new series.

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(I actually wrote some reviews. Have themmmmm).

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