Why you should be reading the Gideon's Riders series by Kit Rocha | An Infographic

by - 11:58 AM

A few days ago I decided to make an infographic for the Gideon's Riders series by Kit Rocha so people know a bit more about this series. It has become one of my absolute favorite series so I just wanted to share the love. I've already published this on Twitter, so if you have seen it already, that's why! But I wanted to post it in the blog so it doesn't get lost in the Twitterverse (because of so much tweeting, tweets and threads get lost so easily lmao).

I highly recommend picking up this series. It's definitely a series you want to follow along, and I promise you it only gets better from the first book. It has found family most of all and that's something that I really really enjoy and I know some of you as well!

Ashwin: Goodreads | Amazon | iBooks | B&N 
Deacon: Goodreads | Amazon | iBooks | B&N
Ivan: Goodreads | Amazon | iBooks | B&N
Hunter: Goodreads 
Gabe: Goodreads 

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