Snowsisters by Tom Wilinsky + Jen Sternick // COVER REVEAL!

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Hello yall! I'm back for a moment on the blog. I'm here to reveal this fabulous cover for a book that is getting published by Interlude Press, so you know it's gonna be good. I absolutely loved the cover. You know my love for strong colors and great designs. Without further ado, here you have it!

Tom Wilinsky & Jen Sternick met in high school and started a conversation which, years later, is ongoing through their writing partnership, Never Have I Ever Books.

Tom lives with his partner in New York, where he’s an attorney who likes cold weather, old cars, and anything with zombies.

Jen lives in Rhode Island with her husband, two sons and a cranky, seven-toed cat. She’s a former criminal prosecutor who still works in government. She likes theater, travel, and Twitter, an admitted addiction.

They are both avid readers and share books, recipes, music and strong opinions. As Never Have I Ever Books on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, they follow, write, and review YA LGBTQIAP+ fiction, fan fiction, and popular media.

Title: Snowsisters
Author(s): Tom Wilinsky, Jen Sternick
Publisher: Duet, the YA imprint of Interlude Press
Cover design: CB Messer
Release date: February 15, 2018
Price: $15.99 print/$6.99 multi-format eBook
Category: YA Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age, LGBTQ Fiction


High school students—Soph, who attends private school in Manhattan, and Tess, a public school student who lives on a dairy farm in New Hampshire—are thrown together as roommates at a week-long writing conference. As they get to know each other and the other young women, both Soph and Tess discover unexpected truths about friendship, their craft, and how to hold fast to their convictions while opening their hearts to love.

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After dinner, they show a bunch of TED talks by woman authors. I’m bored until Soph leans over and whispers in my ear “Let’s go outside.” She and Orly tiptoe out. I take a look around, but no one is paying attention. Clover and Janaye are in the lounge having a debate about whether graphic novels count as real literature, so the three of us run up the stairs, grab our coats and snow boots, and run back outside. 

It's dark and the stars seem fluid, there are so many. “Are we going to make snow angels?” 

Orly asks what they are. 

“We’ll show you,” Soph assures her. “We stand together, lie backward in the snow, and wave our arms so that the impression in the snow makes angels.” 

We find a clear patch of snow and lie down on our backs. Orly gasps when she feels the cold through her clothing. Then we jump back up, and when she sees the three identical angels side by side under the moonlight, Orly smiles. Soph and I stand on either side of her and we each touch one of her arms. 

“You can’t tell who’s who,” says Orly, It’s clear she likes that. 

“No,” I say, “and snow angels always wear robes, so when I was little I thought they were all girls, even when boys were making them. They’re another kind of snowsister, I guess.” 

“How long will they last?” Orly asks. 

“Oh, they’ll—we’ll—probably be filled in with fresh snow before the weekend.” 

“But we’ll still be there together, under the snow, even if no one can see us?” 

“At least until there’s a thaw,” I tell her. I misunderstand what she means. 

But Soph gets it. “Even when no one can see us,” she says. “Even when we’ve gone home and we’re far away from each other.” 

We’re quiet. Faint noises come from the lodge behind us, and people move in the lighted rooms. The sky is close and cold. 

Finally, Orly announces, “Okay, girls, the weather’s too cold for this Georgia pecan,” and goes back inside. 

Soph wants to stay outside, and I do too, with her, the girl from another world. We decide to walk around to the back of the lodge and visit the original snowsisters. 

It’s the kind of cold that makes your feet squeak when you walk, and we can see our breath as we go. My fingers stiffen inside my fleece gloves. I shove them in my pockets to warm them up. I can feel the cold all down my legs where my jeans got wet from lying down. 

“New Hampshire is really beautiful,” Soph says, stopping on the shoveled path and looking up. “You never see this many stars in the city. Too bad I’ll never get into Minerva now.” 

I look up, too. It’s nice, being out here, just the two of us. I decide to ask her something, since we’re alone.

Out February 15, 2018!

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