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Hi voyagers! It's night for me but it might be morning for you so all the good luck to a new day ~ and if you're ready to go to bed ~ good night my fellow book people! But DON'T GO JUST YET. You /have/ to do this first. Wanna know what is it? *evil laugh* Today on the blog I have a very special someone, you might know him. He's very charming on Twitter but also really honest.


Please welcome BroodingYAHero aka Broody. And also welcome to lovely Carrie Ann, author of the upcoming book about Broody and the person behind the screen! I literally love this account so much, it's so genius and always speaks the truth. Carrie Ann is fabulous, and I am super happy about the book deal because it's going to be SO FUN.

So the thing about this post. I pitched some ideas to Carrie Ann and this one fit perfectly and we believe it would be so much fun and really interesting to see the answers and outcome. // Basically it's a quiz that has the same format of some quizzes that you might find in teen magazines. Or in magazines overall. The big question: WHAT'S YOUR IDEAL FIRST DATE WITH BROODY? And from there you will choose your answers and depending on the answer, you'll get another question and next and next, until at one point, you'll get a "Ending. See answer #" and you'll go to the number of the answer and you will know your ideal first date with one handsome Broody.


♡ Ending #1:
You stay asleep/in a coma, and I solve the plot and save the world!

♡ Ending #2:
Let's have a masquerade ball, where I'll be certain not to recognize you due to your tiny elaborate mask.

♡ Ending #3:
No date for you. You seem to have reasonable, healthy expectations for a relationship, and I'm allergic to that.

♡ Ending #4:
Time for me to put you in a dangerous situation then save you!

♡ Ending #5:
Hmmm... why don't we have a lovely rooftop chat... about me, all my feelings, and my tragic backstory. And by chat, I mean, me whine.

♡ Ending #6:
I think the most romantic thing for me to do now is to skip the date and threaten every male who dares speak to you.

♡ Ending #7:
Let's sit some place quiet, and just... peer into each other's eyes. For a long, unblinking, adjective-filled hour.

♡ Ending #8:
I'll give you (and the reader) a tour of this new location you've found yourself in. Not only will you fall in love with me, all that boring world building will be taken care of by the end of the tour.

Share with us what's your ideal date! 
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Already a popular, viral Twitter account, @BroodingYAhero will star in his very first novel, later this year. BROODING YOUNG ADULT HERO'S GUIDE TO ACHIEVING MAIN CHARACTER STATUS from Skypony Press, features both a narrative tale of Broody's adventures, as well as his wise, sparkling, gemstone-like, adjective-rich, notes on how to become a main character. It will also feature fun activities and quizzes!
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  1. I got #3 *pouts* Broody sounds very charming, but I guess it's not meant to be. Alas, we appear to be starcrossed.

    Lol this was such a great idea.

  2. This was so so fun. Thank you so much for hosting and for the beautiful design!