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Today on the blog we have lovely Stacey Agdern, author of Crossing the Lines, this fun sports romance that is inside an anthology called Icing the Puck *wink wink* If you love some fake dates, hockey and to be in love with your captain's sister kinda hero, you can def check this one out!

Title: Icing the Puck
Series: New York Empires #2
Authors: Isabo Kelly, Stacey Agdern, Kenzie Maclir
Stacey's: Crossing the Lines

~ Crossing the Lines blurb ~ 

Kayleigh Emerson knows that she shouldn’t get involved with a teammate of her brother’s. But the chemistry between her and rookie sensation Max St. Laurent is unmistakable.

Max St. Laurent is captivated by the talented violinist who happens to be his captain’s sister. Unfortunately, he doesn’t need his unique combination of empathy and telepathy to realize there’ll be problems if he pursues her.

But when mandatory English conversational sessions lead to a fake date that feels all too real, Max and Kayleigh must decide whether to cross the line between friendship and love.

1. Hi Stacey, we're so happy to have you here in the blog! Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you write. 
I'm so happy to be here :D Thank you for having me. I'm from New York, and I live in a little town near the Hudson river. I write paranormal, contemporary and historical romance. I love music and hockey *g* and read waaay too much.

2. What do you enjoy about writing about sports? Especially hockey. And if you were to write about another sport, which one would it be? 
Hockey is my favorite sport to watch and follow. I spend *a lot* of time following my favorite team, and a few of the bloggers that write about it and soak in as much as I can. The stories come naturally from all of that research . And I love being able to involve myself in my favorite sport that way :) 

Other sports? hmm. A few years ago I thought about a book with a soccer player hero and a race car driver heroine ;) I may still at some point. But we'll see :)

3. We love romance here in The Book Voyagers. Some of our favorite tropes are friends to lovers, rivals, fake dating, and much more. Which ones are your favorite? 
I'm a sucker for the tortured hero (the less emotions the hero in question has at the start, the better). It is my catnip as a reader and something that carries all through the subgenres of romance I read. I also like friends to lovers and fake dating *g*

4. We're now going to play a game of This or That, okay? 

  • So.... bad boy or good boy? 

Good boy :D (especially irl). Bad boys are fun to read about but not to date ;)

  • Watching sports or reading about sports? 
Can't decide on this one. I love both reading about my favorite sports and watching them. I've even brought some of my favorite sports romances to games (yep..) Books by Deirdre Martin and Rachel Gibson have made me feel better about playoff losses. Also reading sports romance by authors like Kat Latham, Kate Willoughby, Sawyer Bennett, Sophia Henry, Elle Kennedy, Kat Latham, Sarina Bowen, Farrah Rochon, Alison Parr and so many others, has gotten me through a very long offseason. so both :)

  • Coffee or tea? 
Though I like both (and have mixed them in interesting ways), I'll say coffee because I'm more apt to reach for it first :)

  • Cold weather or hot weather? 

  • Physical books or ebooks? 
Both. absolutely both :) It's like pokemon - you gotta catch them all :D

5. Icing the Puck, the anthology your story - Crossing the Lines - is on, just came out. Do you still have the same reaction when you see your book go live as the first time? What do you like more about release week? 
YES. Disbelief, excitement, tears, nerves. I'm excited to see that people want to buy the book, and thrilled at the excitement about something I've written, nerves because I want them to enjoy it the way I've enjoyed so many books over the years. Tears, because something I've written has been published :D Also, and more importantly, how lucky I am that awesome people like Isabo Kelly and the Kenzie MacLir team agreed to come on this journey with me :)

6. And last, can you tell us what are you writing next.... or a bit about your future projects? 
So there are three Emerson siblings. Chris was the hero of my story in Going All In(Playing Her Game), Kayleigh, who's the heroine of this one, and Bryce. Bryce has started 'lobbying' for his story, so I'm starting to research that one. I've also just sent in a short to an anthology celebrating a historic house in Manhattan about a guy who has an encounter of sorts with one of his ancestors. It's a postscript to a story called 'Home' that appeared in an anthology called 'For Love and Liberty.' And a few other things :)

7. That sounds amazingggg *Ahh* Thank you so much! It was a joy to have you here with us. Hope you had a good time :')
Thank you so much for having me :D I love chatting with you guys on twitter and your instagram reviews are amazing. As was this :D

Stacey Agdern has written for : ‘HEA’ USA today’s online romance blog, Heroes and Heartbreakers, Criminal Element, Romance at Random, Romantic Times Magazine and Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book’ Column at Publishers Weekly Online Site. She has been interviewed by the New York Times. She has also given presentations on the effective use of booksellers at regional and national conferences (and is a two time award winner for her bookselling).

Contact: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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