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Hi beautiful people! I'm back for you only. I decided to create and compile a small list of foodie romances. All that I know of and have heard of and actually added to my wishlist or my tbr pile. Even I remembered some other ones that I saw on Twitter and searched for them again. They're all here. I'm a big fan of foodie romances, they always manage to make me more hungry and I can do nothing about that result. It's nice to read about the descriptions and the food making process of it. It's also nice to hear about that business, of either side, be it the food makers or the food sellers.

I do want to point out that some I know of and some I haven't read. So if I'm missing something like if it has a main character of color, do tell me! For the ones I don't know, I search in reviews and such to find out more about the book. Sorry in advance if I got something wrong!

Here is our menu.
In the mood for something specific? Pick whatever you want.
🚩 Written by authors of color
✧  Main characters of color
* Not released yet

Where do you want to eat? 
🚩✧ Short Soup by Coleen Kwan // Goodreads
They have always been together. Not only they are best friends but their families own a restaurant together. But they grew up and when she returns to their hometown, he realizes that he wants to win her love.

🚩✧ North To You by Tif Marcelo // Goodreads
Being the guardian of her little sister and the owner and head chef of a food truck, she can't have any distraction. Her childhood love returns.

🚩✧ Just a Little Taste by Farrah Rochon // Goodreads
She wants to have her own food truck. The only problem? The best food truck renovator is her ex.

🚩✧ The Dancing Lady by Mimi Milan // Goodreads
Diner owner searching for a bride who can help him in his business. Flamenco dancer only wanted to be a celebrated entertainer, but because of various circumstances she couldn't. Then she sees a mail-order bride request.

🚩✧ Delicious Destiny by Yahrah St. John // Goodreads
For pastry baker her only two loves are her son and her bakery. Famous restaurateur is set to track down his past love. What he doesn't expect is the kid besides her who looks exactly like him.

The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson // Goodreads
Food truck owner wants to prove to the chef across the plaza that his fancy food and his Michelin star restaurant are no better than her street food.

🚩✧ Mister Second Chance by Cherie Love // Goodreads
Once a waitress, now owner of a restaurant empire, she will need the help of a certain man who broke her heart to save the crab shack. 

✧ Fired by Cora Brent // Goodreads
After getting fired and unsuccessful interviews, she accepts a job at a small chain family-owned pizzerias while trying hard to not fall for the boss.

Team Phison by Chace Verity // Goodreads
For this restaurant owner playing his favorite video game is a good way to spend his nights. Never mind that he is alone and that online dating is not working for him. Listening and teaching this younger gamer is what brings him joy. (M/M)

Misfits by Garrett Leigh // Goodreads
Restaurant owner meets a young man one night. But this restaurant owner already has a partner who has been there for ten years and have an open relationship. (M/M/M)

🚩✧ The Perfect Mix by Caridad PiΓ±eiro // Goodreads
Contractor has too many ghosts to fall for his new client, up-and-coming restaurant owner.

A Touch of Cinnamon by Bethany Lopez // Goodreads
Prime Beef owner and one of the sisters in Three Sisters Catering had once been an item back in college. The two got their hearts broken. Now the only thing they can do is watch each other from afar from their shops.

🚩✧ Love Wills Always Remember by Tracey Livesay // Goodreads
Political lobbyist wakes up from a coma to find out she can't remember the last six years of her life! Gorgeous chef tells her he is her fiancΓ©, but in reality, his twin brother is and he is just stepping in because his brother asked him while he is away.

🚩✧ A Dash of Heat by Christina C. Jones // Goodreads
In search of something sweet, she might have found more when she walks away from this food truck with the owner's delicious baked goods in her hands.

Small Change by Roan Parrish // Goodreads
Grumpy tattoo artist works to keep her mind away from the loneliness. Everything changes when she meets the fine man who just opened his sandwich shop. Things start to unravel and she might have to ask for help. Bisexual representation.

🚩 Acute Reactions by Ruby Lang // Goodreads
Restaurateur falls head over heels for his new allergist. Allergist knows she can't, her medical license in line, but fate keeps throwing them back together.

🚩✧ Idlewild by Jude Sierra // Goodreads
Gastro pub owner fires everyone and hires new staff. Between the new faces, he finds a friendship with a college graduate who soon enough finds himself falling for the boss. (Genderqueer MC)

The Bouquet List by Barbara DeLeo // Goodreads
After a near-death experience, she decides to make her a Bouquet List, a list of things to do after you thought you were going to die. One of them is having a fling with a man out of your league. Restaurateur, who is also her brother's best friend, is perfect for that. 

To drink? 
Alcoholic beverages:
Pretend It's Love by Stefanie London // Goodreads
Bar manager needs a date to his brother's wedding. Cocktail specialist wants her business to not fail. Both of them need something. The perfect solution? Fake date and he can put her product in his bar.

Hot and Bothered by Kate Meader // Goodreads
She is looking for love and thinks her best friend and wine bar owner is the perfect candidate. But one rejected kiss might be the end for them. He thinks their friendship is forever so he doesn't want to ruin it but he can't stop thinking about that kiss.

🚩✧ Thirsty by Mia Hopkins* // Goodreads
Ex-con wants to start a new life. Making craft beer seems impossible but it's the only thing going for him. For the single mom, this ex-con is an unwelcome tenant, but the two together are dinamite.

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert // Goodreads
Prickly cider-maker's life is interrupted when single dad and his son arrive at her family's orchard.

Legs by Kelly Siskind // Goodreads
Competiting against her one-night stand in a sommelier contest is not something she wished for. A one-night stand she cannot remember!

Blush for Me by Kristen Proby // Goodreads
Wine bar manager is afraid of flying. When she is forced to travel by plane, she has no choice but to clung onto the guy on the next seat, who happens to work at a wine tour company. They meet again when he gives a tour at her restaurant.

As Deep as the Ocean by Serenity Woods // Goodreads
New Zealand set. To get her hands on her inheritance and to save the vineyard, she agrees on a marriage of convenience with the vineyard manager. 

🚩✧ Savannah's Secrets by Reese Ryan // Goodreads
Her plan is to infiltrate as the event manager at the bourbon empire and take what was once hers and her family's. She didn't expect the older son to be so different from what she imagined.

Sotto Voce by Erin Finnegan // Goodreads
Wine critic gets asked by his publisher to spend a year writing about rising stars of California's wine country. He even develops a competition! When a young winemaker happens to appear, his world changes.

Non-alcoholic beverages:
🚩✧ Love and a Latte by Jamie Pope // Goodreads
Corporate accountant falls for his family's bakery's barista when she places a latte in front of him. He knows he shouldn't mix business with pleasure, especially because he is her boss.

Served Hot by Annabeth Albert // Goodreads
Barista with a coffee cart has a major crush on the finance director that always orders his "usual". When he sees him at the Pride festival, he thinks it's time to take the next step. (M/M)

Knit Tight by Annabeth Albert // Goodreads
Knit Night is an event they do at this barista's coffeehouse. One night the nephew of the yarn shop owner walks in. (M/M)

✧ Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek by R. Cooper // Goodreads
Former soldier is working as a barista. He crushes on the single dad who keeps talking about comics and Star Treck. (M/M)

Daily Grind by Anna Zabo // Goodreads
Coffee shop owner has no time for relationships when his ship is falling apart with his barista. But soon comes a British high-tech whiz to brighten up this man's day. (M/M)

🚩✧ Ezra & Donnya Have Tea by Gisele Walko // Goodreads
This tea house owner and tattoo artist met years ago and had to part ways even though they had a connection. Now years later, they meet again. The tea house owner thinks he has too many tattoos, he's too rude. The tattoo artist only wants to impress her.

🚩✧ Beach Thing by DL White // Goodreads
She has always wanted to open a smoothie shop by the sea. She didn't expect to find a hot neighbor in the mix.

For main dish?
Valentine Kisses by Ann B. Harrison // Goodreads
Her reality TV show is on a hiatus so she decides to visit her sister's town and take the chef position at Lake Hotel. When she almost burns down the place, the fire chief helps her.

Feel the Heat by Kate Meader // Goodreads
Photographer spends time working at her family's Italian restaurant. A celebrity chef challenges her father to a cook-off. Everything goes wrong when a video of her and the handsome chef kissing goes viral. 

Chef's Special by Susan X. Meagher // Goodreads 
For this chef, the journey has been hard but finally she continue to climb up the ladder of this business. Her new boss is demanding but she knows she can learn from her. If only, she didn't think about her boss so often! (F/F)

🚩✧ Romancing the Chef by Robyn Amos // Goodreads
Chef is invited to participate in a TV contest. She finds out her friend from culinary school and one of the hottest celebrity chef is her rival.

🚩 Perfection by Té Russ // Goodreads
Chef gets hired to be the head chef at this hotel in Jamaica. Her new boss is set on his career and doesn't have time for a relationship, but hot nights together are game changers.

🚩✧ Private Acts by Delaney Diamond // Goodreads
A handsome sculptor falls hard for the chef who is singing for her life at a karaoke competition. Set in Ecuador.

🚩✧ Seared by Suleikha Synder // Goodreads
Ten years since she saw her step-brother. Ten years and he became a famous chef! She's ready to give him all of her.

🚩✧ A Taste of Pleasure by Chloe Blake* // Goodreads
Chef moves to Italy to have a new beginning. There she meets millionaire restaurateur and single dad who is ready to settle down.

🚩✧ Yes, Chef by Linda Verji // Goodreads
Chef has had a massive crush on the woman who came to his kitchen and asked for a job. And when she breaks up with her boyfriend, he thinks it's time to make his move.

Too Hot To Touch by Louisa Edwards // Goodreads
He knows how to compete and he always comes out winning. As a master chef he traveled the world but now it's time to come home where he finds a new chef working at his family's tavern.

Hot Under Pressure by Louisa Edwards // Goodreads
Former Navy cook finds out his competition for the title of Rising Star Chef is his estranged spouse. She wants the divorce and he thinks of the perfect deal: he'll give it to her, but if he wins, he wants one last night with the only woman he ever loved.

🚩✧ Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai // Goodreads
He shouldn't fall in love with his brother's widow. But then he offers to help her with her little cafe and she is unable to resist the boy she once adored. (Bisexual representation)

Under the Knife by Laurin Kelly // Goodreads
Chef is excited to participate in the newest season of this culinary competition. He isn't excited about his cold competitor though he knows he can cook, but hates what comes out of his mouth. (M/M)

Burn for You by JT Geissinger // Goodreads
To secure his inheritance, the heir to a bourbon dynasty makes an outrageous request to this chef: Marry him. Even though he treats her staff horribly, she needs the money to help with her mother's medical bills.

🚩✧ To Me I Wed by KM Jackson // Goodreads
Tired of always being the bridesmaid, she decides to marry herself at a celebrated chef's restaurant.

🚩✧ The Kitchen When It Sizzles by Chrissie Peria // Goodreads
She has a perfect life and a perfect job. The only thing missing is how she cannot cook! She hires hotshot chef to teach her how. But he's here only temporary and a fling might be too much for her heart.

Strays by Garrett Leigh // Goodreads
His friend askes him to take on a new apprentice: a young man who has never set foot inside a professional kitchen. This chef only thinks about work and has little time to think outside of it. (M/M)

Chef's Table by Lynn Charles // Goodreads
He has worked hard to get where he is now: an executive chef at one of New York's hottest restaurants. But with all the fame and awards, he has forgotten what or who got him there. He decides to visit this diner's chef to try his recipes again. A spoiled pug might appear. (M/M)

✧ Yes, Chef by Alex Cohen // Goodreads
Old wounds have closed this chef's heart. The only thing that keeps him going is being chef at one of the top restaurants in town. Then his boss brings in a new, young helper. (M/M)

Nuts by Alice Clayton // Goodreads
She was once a private chef for Hollywood's wealthiest wives. An accident made her career fall apart so now she is back home running her family's diner. Local farmer brings her one day some organic walnuts but she is set on returning to the west coast when summer ends.

🚩 Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova // Goodreads
Her mother challengers her to finish something she has started for once. She decides to help her mother launch her newest restaurant. Even though there is an infurating bad-boy chef in the kitchen.

A Taste of Heaven by Penny Watson // Goodreads
A cooking competition takes this single mom and widower from Vermont to Scotland, side-by-side with a grumpy Scottish chef who she is set to beat.

🚩✧ Let Us Dream by Alyssa Cole // Goodreads
1917 Harlem. Chef starts working at this cabaret. At first he clashes with the cabaret owner but then they start to gro closer.

Chef Cutegirl by Nicolette Dane // Goodreads
Head chef of one of the most acclaimed restaurants agrees to participate in a reality TV food competition. She becomes fast friends with a fellow competitor, but it develops into more! (F/F)

🚩✧ Breakfast in Bed by Rochelle Alers // Goodreads
Chef decides to take a trip to New Orleans to finally open the restaurant of her dreams. While her friend is transforming the inn into perfection, she takes the role of an apprentice at famed restaurant.

🚩✧ The Waitress's Secret by Kathy Douglas // Goodreads
Wealthy city girl is on the run. A chef helps her by offering shelter and a waitressing job. She doesn't want for him to like her by her money so she doesn't tell. But he has been burned before and is not ready to eat more lies.

🚩 Delicious by Sherry Thomas // Goodreads
Historical romance. She is known for her cuisine and her scandalous love life. She is hired to work at this political star's estate.

Here Comes The Bridesmaid by Avril Tremayne // Goodreads
Her friend is getting married and she has to plan it perfectly. Sadly, she has to do it with the Best Man, a top chef, who doesn't care about anything but yet still gives his opinions about everything. Who she just slept with.

Recipe for Temptation by Maureen Smith // Goodreads
Doctor Reese St. James is taking time off from her job. She decides to dine at her TV crush's restaurant, world famous celebrity chef Michael Wolfe. Since the moment she steps inside his restaurant, she is treated like a VIP.

For dessert?
The Remaking of Corbin Wale by Roan Parrish // Goodreads
Holiday romance. Baker finally opens the bakery of his dream. He gets easily bewitched by one of his costumers. Then that same costumer begins to work at the bakery. (M/M)

Grounded by Aidan Wayne // Goodreads
Pastry chef is fine with his life even though he is lonely. He likes to bake and do capoeira. When his friend introduces him to another capoeira student, he is drawn to him. (M/M) 

Whip, Stir, and Serve by Caitlyn Frost and Henry Drake // Goodreads
Woodworker thinks she can make cinnamon buns for her father's retirement party. Things are looking harder than it seems. She thinks she needs a little magic so she goes to take a look at the guy behind the deli counter.

Taste on my Tongue by Beth Bolden // Goodreads
Dropped by his label, his agent thinks entering a food competition show is the perfect way to climb up again. Pastry chef wants to make it and signs up to do the program as well. (M/M)

Balancing the Scales by Laura Carter // Goodreads
A hotshot Manhattan attorney and a British pastry chef agree on a meaningless fling. She is running from her past and he wants a promotion.

Baked Fresh by Annabeth Albert // Goodreads
Baker always goes for what he wants and now he wants the man who volunteers with him at the homeless shelter. (M/M)

🚩✧ The Sweetest Kiss by Candace Shaw // Goodreads
Real estate developer sets his eyes on baker and decides he's ready to fall in love again. But soon he finds out his next business deal will make problems for her bakery.

🚩✧ Mocha Pleasures by Pamela Yaye // Goodreads
He's challenged to start a bakery and he does it with high marks, gaining costumers by the minute. The one woman who is immune to his charms happens to be his competition.

🚩✧ Cappuccino Kisses by Yahrah St. John // Goodreads
Pastry baker gets her dream job to run her family's legendary Chicago bakery. The competition is real. She teams up with coffee importer and together they come up with a secret weapon. 

🚩✧ Decadent Dreams by A.C. Arthur // Goodreads
For talented baker is hard to resist to temptation. He has worked with her for years at her family's patisserie and now she has in her mind to seduce him.

🚩✧ Delectable Desire by Farrah Rochon // Goodreads
Artisan baker knows a pretty face when he sees them. Heiress to a jewelry dynasty has trouble with love when men fall for her bank account instead of her heart. 

🚩✧ Noble Love by TΓ© Russ // Goodreads
Music producer decides to come back home to help with his family's business. He then walks in to this baker's family bakery and their passion rapidly grows!

🚩✧ Baked With Love by Tina Martin // Goodreads
He becomes obsessed with this bakery owner's cupcakes. But not only that! He wants to get to know this shy baker more and more. 

🚩✧ Delicious Temptation by Sabrina Sol // Goodreads
She gave up her dream of being a renowned chef so she could help her family's Mexican bakery. When sexy bad-boy returns home, her good girl image is forgotten.

Sugar by Kimberly Stuart // Goodreads
She agrees to work for ex-boyfriend at his new restaurant as executive pastry chef with her own staff! What she doesn't expect is cameras and staff preparing to start filming for a reality show. 

A Taste of Honey by Rose Lerner // Goodreads
Historical romance. He risked everything to open up his dream bakery. Now he has a catering order to prepare and his apprentice is out of town. Shop-girl has been trying to make her boss look at her instead of his sweets.

🚩✧ Delicious Satisfaction by Sabrina Sol // Goodreads
Baker has a history of getting with the wrong kind-of men. A confrontation with her ex-boyfriend lands her in legal trouble, so she has to call a lawyer and family friend to bail her out. 

🚩✧ Save the Cake by Stella Torres // Goodreads
Cake artist gets hired to do the cake for her friend's high-society wedding. There she meets videographer, cousin of the bride.

✧ Certanly, Possibly, You by Lissa Reed // Goodreads
Pastry shop's head decorator doesn't know what's coming in her future. But when she wakes up next to the pretty ballroom dancer, it might draw a path towards that future. (F/F)

✧ Sweet by Alysia Constantine // Goodreads
Two lonely people. One is a baker. One is a numbed-to-the-world accountant. Both will find their way to each other. (M/M)

When Only Cupcakes Will Do by Daisy James // Goodreads
Everything fell apart. First her boyfriend said no to her proposal and then she lost her job! She decides to start a cupcake business out of the back of an ice cream van with her sister.

A Place to Rest by Erin Dutton // Goodreads
She wants to avoid taking her place in her family's restaurant, so she goes from job to job trying to find something to take her attention. She meets a shy baker who does. (F/F)

🚩✧ Wrapped by Rebekah Weatherspoon // Goodreads
Pastry chef matches in a dating app with someone from her past. Christmas novella.

🚩✧ Her Sweet Seduction by Sabrina Sol // Goodreads
Single mom and romance author writes a tell-all novel about her former lover. Imagine him coming to her signing and telling her he enjoyed the book. 

Sweet Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace // Goodreads
With only his daughter, single dad is lonely for another person. They move above chocolatier's candy shop and soon enough his daughter and this woman fall in love instantly. He realizes, when his daughter calls her "Mommy", he has to propose. But the chocolatier finds out her love is stronger than his.

🚩✧ In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon // Goodreads
Her business specializes on creating fantasy date nights. She has to create an ultimate Valentine's day experience for the consulting firm, interested in franchising her company, accepts to do it. She calls her best friend and chocolatier to help her.

Sweet Life by Nina Lane // Goodreads
Holiday romance. Ice queen fashion stylist hates the holidays. President and owner of a candy company has been her friend for thirteen years and knows her better than anyone. But one night changes everything.

🚩✧ Sweet Persuasions by Rochelle Alers // Goodreads
War hero is happy to just play the field and to never settle down. Not sometime soon. When he walks in to this chocolatier's shop, he starts to think differently.

🚩✧ The Marriage Contract by Danie Ford // Goodreads
Tech mogul needed a husband to get past the codicil in his grandfather's will. He didn't expect love. His husband, former Marine turned chocolatier, is returning home and with him he is bringing a puppy named Apollo. (M/M)

✧ The Masked Minotaur by Chace Verity // Goodreads
A marriage of convenience united the noblewoman and the confectionery shop's owner. Her mind is elsewhere when various raids start to happen and she hears about a Masked Minotaur saving humans as sort of a vigilante. (F/F)

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🚩✧ Cooking Up Love by Candace Shaw // Goodreads
With the decision of continuing her medical career or not, she accepts a position as a food critic. She meets a handsome chef who dislikes doctors.

Can't Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwrads // Goodreads
Getting the job to do an exposΓ© for this hotshot chef is this food critic's dream. When the chef finds out she doesn't even know how to cook, he proposes to give her private lessons.

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert // Goodreads 
You've Got Mail meets How to Eat a Cupcake. Food critic arrives at chef's restaurant. He doesn't know it's the worst day of the chef's life. When the review comes out, the chef faces her restaurant's closure and the food critic faces popularity. They meet a pub without knowing who they are. 

🚩✧ West Coast Love by Tif Marcelo // Goodreads
Online food blogger gets the job as a food host to cover BBQ festivals with cameras around her. The cameraman also auditioned for the same job!

Taste by Tracy Ewens // Goodreads
Once upon a time she was studying in Paris at a culinary school. Sadly, she was called back to be the senator's perfect daughter. Now, working as a food critic, she is asked to write a feature on the new chef and his restaurant. He happens to be a former lover from Paris.

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer // Goodreads
A food critic and a hitman meet unexpectedly.

🚩✧ It's In His Kiss by Reon Laudat // Goodreads
Food critic gives an awful review to this chef's restaurant. What does she do? She takes her dish and puts it all over his office and leaves his review as a garnish on top. He is mad but intrigued.

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