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Move over, people. I'm bringing you the royalty romance list of your dreams.

The romance community is buzzing and buzzing. What for? The royal wedding is happening on May 19th of this year! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tying the knot and the romance community can't just wait to see it happen. I chose to do a royalty post for #RomBkLove because it fit so much with the month and the time of the year. Thank you Ana for inviting me.

First things first. Let's talk about tropes. I adore the childhood friends/known since childhood trope. You can mix it with so many things. Maybe they hate each other? Maybe they have to fake date so one of them can get the throne? They can be so many tropes added to the royalty aspect of the book! This is why I adore it so much. I also adore me some "enemies have to have a marriage of convenience so both of their kingdoms are at peace." 

I also wanted to write this post because many, many sites are doing lists, especially this month, about the #RoyalWedding and they just like to erase the fact that Meghan Markle is black and keep recommending books with white couples. And I’m here questioning just why. *looks at camera* If you want to make a list about royal books, do it, but if you are making a list BECAUSE OF THE ROYAL WEDDING, then think about the books you're choosing first.

Now it's time for the recommendations you all are waiting for. Some I've read, some I've had in my wishlist for SO LONG, and some I have seen in my timeline on Twitter and just really like the sound of them. I hope you all do the thing and add them and support them and just wait, just like me, for the big day to come on the 19th!


I'll be starting with contemporary recommendations. A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole is one of my all-time favorites now. Imagine getting multiple emails telling you you are engaged to a prince? Obviously you'll think it's spam! Just like Ledi, the heroine from this book. Mistaken identities will happen and definitely some falling in love, between the characters and the reader with the story itself.

Next on my TBR list is A Royal Wedding by Jeevani Charika. It's up for pre-order and comes out tomorrow (May 10th!) just before the big wedding and you can read all about it. The attraction between this doctor and the Prince is off the charts but the media and his people think she's an unsuitable bride.


Royally Yours by Everly James is a book I found on Twitter (I find many there lmao) and it sounds really incredible. I'm excited to read it and see what happens between these two. This farmer girl meets a princess and the attraction is instantly! Their happily ever after might have some ups and downs but it is surely there.

One I have read recently is Falling for His Convenient Queen by Therese Beharrie. She is one of my favorite authors now and I will keep reading all her books. And if you didn't know, she released a duology of royal books just recently! The first is United by Their Royal Baby and the second is the one mentioned above. I've only read the second one but it got me so into the first one that I am going to read it for sure. Falling for His Convenient Queen is an arranged marriage between a king and a princess from different kingdoms who think they won't fall in love but are obviously wrong.


The Queen's Game by Carla de Guzman is the fake dating, childhood friends, romance book you have been searching for. It's fun, it has family, a wild princess, it has 10/10 romance and it's just so aesthetically beautiful. (So many flowers, fruits and plants!!!). Here is the prince I love the most, my adorable prince who loves plants and is shy.

When the cover was released it was love at first sight for me. I'm talking about Princess of Zamibia by Delaney Diamond and how much I want to read this book. I'm waiting to buy it, but I'm going to, I swear! I am so sure I'm going to love it and just cry my heart out because of the romance. A little summary: Both feel betrayed by one another. Years later, he knows he has a son, an heir, and he wants to bring him back to his kingdom, even if he has to marry the woman who he thinks betrayed him.


The Princess Trap by Talia Hibbert is another book I still need to get. I've heard wonderful things about it and I'm also sure I will love it. Talia has become one of my to-go authors whenever she releases something new, I'm always there. You can always find me there. Summary: She didn't know he was a prince. When the papz find them together, he makes her a deal: be my fake fiancée for a year and all your problem will disappear.

A.C. Arthur has a royal trilogy you can read one after another and just lie on regal love. Loving the Princess is the princess/bodyguard trope we all love. I love that each book has a royal family member, and each gets a story. Those are my favorite kind of series. Also don't miss out on Taming the Prince, the next on the series, coming out on May 15th!


Of course I was going to add A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole. It's the next book on the Reluctant Royal series, the sequel to A Princess in Theory. It comes out on July, but it's not far away! Instead of princess and princes, we have a duke who doesn't know he is a duke! I was lucky to read it early and absolutely loved it. Both characters made me laugh and swoon so much. Many gold stars for this book and such a good follow-up to the previous book. (*whispers* Plus the duke is Chilean-Scottish!)

Claiming His Secret Royal Heir by Nina Milne sounds like such a nice book. The Crown Prince needs a bride and an heir quickly. He then discovers he already has a son with supermodel Sunita.


I was in the bus, going to the airport a few days ago when I decided to start this serial. I found out about it on Twitter and I got really intrigued. It's Royally Yours serial by Megan Frampton, K.M. Jackson, Liz Maverick, Kate McMurray and Falguni Kothari. It's five stories written in a TV-show-episodes kinda way. Each have a romance story and they all sound lovely. The first episode is out and it's free! But you can also buy the complete season. The stories I'm looking forward the most are K.M. Jackson's story about a fashion designer and her arch-nemesis, and Falguni Kothari's about a maid and the gardener and a royal bouquet! But all of them sound fantastic and as I said I started the first episode (on audio! First time doing audio!!!) and I can't wait to continue.

I'm so happy I found The Marriage Predicament by Sundari Venkatraman! It's about Princess Yashodhara Jadeja of Bhatewar and Prince Indrajeet Thakore of Udaipur marrying and growing to love each other. But when he finds out about her past, will they get past it and live their happily ever after?

Because I'm THAT person and I love to just give out recommendation., I'm also doing a fantasy/paranormal/apocalyptic/science fiction section. I'm a big fan and I love it as much as I love contemporary! A space queen battling for her own kingdom? A queen searching for a girlfriend? The tropes are a million and more. There can be so many different aspects to this and you can create so many more. To be honest I just love royalty in anything. 


I recommend Ivan by Kit Rocha even though I haven’t read it yet and it still sitting on my Kindle home page. I know I already love it mainly because Maricela is my Latina princess I always wanted to read about. She wants to marry for love and not because of power. And then there is Ivan, her bodyguard, the not-many-words Rider but so /there/ to protect the Rios family and Maricela.

Another bodyguard/princess trope book is Rebel Run by Jaymi Hanako. Though this one takes place in space and the royal heroine loves to be a pilot instead of fighting for a throne. But now her home is being threatened by an alien force so this soldier, who is also a member of the royal guard, comes to take her home.

Shira Glassman has a very enchanting series called Mangoverse series. The Second Mango is only the first book of it, but you can just read it all in one go. Some of them have royals as their protagonists while others have characters from previous books come back again.

Princess betrothed to a prince, but then he dies and she becomes betrothed to his younger sister? If you like the sound of this, check out The Queen of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin. It also has dragons and it's in space so!!! Many points!!! I still have to check it out myself but I have high hopes.

Thank you for coming and read my post. I hope you all enjoyed it and wrote those recommendations/books down for later on. (Or just bought them right away!). I can't wait to see all the talk on Twitter and all your recommendations. Have a lovely day!

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